White wall colour

Adorn your space with kitten white colour this new year.

Bring calm and clean vibes of kitten white to your home.

With the New Year just around the corner, there's no better time than now to give your home a little makeover. And what's a better way to refresh your rooms than with the calm and clean vibes of Kitten White 30YY 78/035 colour? 


Why Kitten White paint colour?

Think of Kitten White 30YY 78/035 as the ultimate starting point. It's that versatile base that lets all your decor dreams shine bright, from that bold statement couch to your treasured family photos.

white wall paint

Cosy Home with Kitten White

From the living room to the bathroom to that adorable reading nook you've set up, Kitten White 30YY 78/035 fits in just fine. It's the shade that loves to let other elements take centre stage while it subtly supports from the background. 


Living Room 

Your living room's the heart of your home, right? It's your chill zone, your party place, your lazy Sunday afternoon spot. With Kitten White 30YY 78/035 wall paint, you're setting the stage for comfort, style, and all the good vibes. It's like every time you plop on the couch, the room says, 'Relax, you're in your happy place.'



Let's talk kitchens – the place where magic (and pasta) happens. Kitten White 30YY 78/035 paint colour on those walls or cabinets? Gorgeous. It's clean, it's fresh, and it sets the stage for culinary adventures. Plus, it reflects light beautifully, making your kitchen a bright spot for family gatherings.

Kitchen walls


Kitten White 30YY 78/035 colour in your bedroom whispers 'Peaceful dreams,' and works wonders with gentle greens, soothing creams, and whatever else makes you feel at ease.


Home Office

If you're punching in the clock from home, your office should be a place that sparks brilliance. Kitten White 30YY 78/035 brings that bright, clean, 'let's-do-this' energy, especially when you've got natural wood or cool industrial shelving in the mix. It's professional with a touch of personal charm.


Accenting with Kitten White

Home Accents 

Accents aren't just the cherry on top—they're essential pieces of the home decor puzzle. With Kitten White 30YY 78/035 paint colour, you're setting the stage for a stunning array of home accents. You can try a vase of bright yellow sunflowers on a Kitten White 30YY 78/035 side table or rich, navy blue pillows on a couch in front of a Kitten White 30YY 78/035 wall paint backdrop. These pops of colour don't just stand out; they sing.

Drapes, cushions, and area rugs in luxurious textures become the cosy companions to the crisp Kitten White 30YY 78/035 paint colour. They add depth and warmth, inviting you to curl up and enjoy the comfort of your stylish home.

Home walls

Kitten White Details 

Sometimes, it's the little things that count the most. Door frames, skirting boards, and even ceiling details in Kitten White 30YY 78/035 colour can frame your rooms with a clean, polished look. They might be subtle touches, but their impact on your overall home interior can be monumental.


Adapting Kitten White to the Time of Year

Spring Freshness

When spring comes knocking, your Kitten White 30YY 78/035 colour walls become the perfect canvas for a seasonal refresh. Consider fresh floral arrangements, pastel cushions, and light, airy curtains. This colour is like a breath of fresh air, making those springtime colours pop.


Autumn's Warmth 

As the leaves turn, so can your decor. Kitten White 30YY 78/035 wall paint is a chameleon for all seasons, especially autumn. Warm up the space with throws in burnt orange or aubergine, and watch how this colour cosies up with the rich, earthy tones of fall.


Winter Whites

Winter's chill has nothing on this colour. It's all about textures now—fluffy rugs, plush blankets, and soft lighting. Your Kitten White 30YY 78/035 wall paint reflects the soft glow of fairy lights and candles, creating a magical, wintery wonderland inside, no matter the weather.

white paint


When the summer sun is blazing, keep things cool and calm indoors with Kitten White 30YY 78/035 paint colour. Pair it with nautical blues or vibrant greens for that summer holiday vibe. Your home becomes your retreat, with this colour keeping things light and cheerful.


Keeping Your Kitten White Walls Spotless

Good news! Dulux Paints' Kitten White 30YY 78/035 is super easy to keep clean, which is a blessing because life can be wonderfully messy. A little soap and water, a soft cloth, and those walls are back to their pristine selves. It's the low-maintenance relationship you've always wanted—looks great without the hard work.

So, as we wrap up, think of Kitten White 30YY 78/035 as a trusty companion through the seasons and the years. It's the backdrop to your life's moments, big and small. Whether you're gathering for the holidays, celebrating milestones, or simply enjoying the quiet of everyday life, this colour is there, providing a constant, comforting presence.

And if you're intrigued by this shade, don't forget to explore more colours in this category to find the perfect match for your home.

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