Bedroom colour and style which designers follow

Bedroom colour and style which designers follow 

Following the bedroom interior design and colour trend is easier than setting the trend. But if you have a designer core and love to play with bedroom interior design and colours, don’t be afraid of playing with them. Be a bedroom interior design and bedroom colour trendsetter. If you want to know what types of bedroom interior design and colour designers usually follow, keep reading further: 


Neon Pink

Neon pink is a colour that is intense, adventurous and eye-catchy and also can create a long-lasting impression. Whichever wall is going to have a neon pink shade on it, it is going to create a bold, warm, hard-to-forget look of wall.


Lavender and Red

If one shade seems boring to you, break the monotony and be adventurous enough to have a dual colours palette on an accent wall. Divide the wall vertically and paint it in bold red and lavender shade to create an accent wall. This fresh combination is going to make your room look more approachable. To induce a more dominating colour effect, paint red on the top half of the wall and lavender at the bottom half.


Deep Blue 

To have a cosy feel in the big size bedroom, paint deep blue on the focus wall. To décor the wall and the entire room space, use undertones of blue in plain and prints and while picking the textiles, décor, and furniture prefer to have prints. 



This yellowish green tone is a sharp and high-intensity shade which is good for such spaces which are lacking natural light. For a calm, subtle and earthy look, you can paint its muted and saturated tones as well.


Burnt Orange

If you want to spice up the entire space or a particular corner, give it a nice stroke of burnt orange. Orange is a powerful colour that combines well with red and brown undertones to create a cheerful and youthful vibe.



If you want a colour that gives you the liberty to be playful and experimental with forms, frames, décor and designs yet looks rich and stylish, violet is your key to create the desired affair in your bedroom. It is one such colour that lets you turn things around even though having a strong personality. 



Coral is a cool neutral which radiates joy and positivity in the day as well as night lights.  Its brighter tones match very well with terracotta or brown shade with dominating red tone in combination with white on rest of the walls and furnishings. 

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