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    Colour inspirations to choose a palette for wall painting ideas

    Colours are in everyone’s life but knowing the personalities and vibes of colours is not what everyone knows because we all are not interior designers and decorators. If this is your first project as an individual involved in any other kind of trade than a designer or a newcomer in the interior industry, understanding industry lingo seems difficult at the first instance. It is not easy to come up with awesome wall painting ideas and room painting ideas that can make a home look presentable. Even wall painting ideas or easy painting ideas are far away thought for many of us don’t know about the basics of colour theory. So here all need to know the basics of colour theory and paint ideas are given to help you choose your truest colour inspirations and splash your wall paint ideas beautifully just like designers do. 

    Know to use the colour wheel to get easy painting ideas

    The Colour wheel makes it easy to decide which colour scheme you want to use as it provides the visual representation of each colour and gives an idea of which colours blend well together. Up to an instant, it eliminates the errors you may make during the guesswork or while thinking upon room paint ideas or wall painting ideas for bedroom. If you want a wide range of colours for your paint ideas, a colour wheel can suggest an infinite number of shades. You just need to pick your wall paint colours and use their tint, tones, shades and hues to create your own palette and paint ideas.


    A little bit about basic wall paint colours

    As we all know that the rainbow has just 7 colours but a colour wheel has at least 12 shades which include primary colours like Red, blue, and yellow and they are the wall paint colours that cannot be made from mixing other shades. Though secondary colours can be made by mixing primary colours and tertiary colours can be made by mixing six shades of primary and secondary colours.


    How to change wall paint colours with neutrals?

    The selection of basic colours makes it easy to create different shades, tones and room painting ideas within the same family. To create different versions of paint product like tints, add white shades in the basic colours, to make a shade of it, mix grey and to create shades, mix black.


    Complementary colour wheel to pick wall painting ideas

    A complementary colour scheme is the simplest paint ideas. To create the palette for easy painting ideas from complementary wheel colour, just pick two colours right opposite to each other on the colour wheel.


    The split-complementary colour scheme to pick wall painting ideas

    It is a safe colour scheme to select room painting ideas if you are not sure that a complementary colour scheme will be in line with your taste. To make this colour palette choose the base shade first and then choose two shades on either side of the shade opposite to the base. It will provide the much-needed balance to the entire room colour.


    Analogous colour scheme to pick wall painting ideas

    This scheme refers to using three colours (two will be primary with the third shade being a mix of the two and secondary colours) in paint ideas in a row on the colour wheel. The choice of colours in the room painting ideas should be like one dominating shade, the other one should be the one supporting the dominant shade and the third one should be the most vibrant colour. This colour scheme is typically referred to as a monochromatic colour scheme. For example, you can simply choose black, white and grey.


    The triadic colour scheme to pick wall painting ideas

    Triadic colour schemes referred to using three equidistant colours on the wheel. Red, blue and yellow is an example of it. As these are high contrast colours and often pure hues are used, you will see such paint advice and combinations in children’s playrooms or bedrooms.


    Tetradic and Square colour scheme to pick wall painting ideas

    Both the colour schemes use four colours. Implementing a triadic colour scheme is a little tricky and complicated as four colours need to be balanced in easy painting ideas. This colour scheme is also known as a rectangle scheme because of the form it draws on the colour wheel. It includes two distinct pairs of complementary colours. But make sure that you choose two calm shades and two warm colours to bring balance to the space.

    The square colour scheme uses four shades evenly spaced throughout the colour wheel. Irrespective of which colour you choose, this scheme will have one primary, one secondary and two tertiary colours. You can vary the intensity of colours by making two shades more neutral and two little bolder. Like tetradic colour scheme, in this scheme also you need to pick two warm and two cool shades where one bold shade you can use as a dominating colour and the rest of three as accents.


    Understanding mood and vibes of colour to pick wall painting ideas

    Colours represent temperatures and moods. For example, reds, oranges and yellows are considered warm colours which are not considered good ideas for bedroom but dining and living rooms. Whereas blues, greens and purples are cool colours and ideal for bedrooms as bringing a relaxed feel.

    All wall painting ideas are incomplete without knowing the colour wheel and scheme well as this is the only way to give a clear idea about every kind of contrast and complementary colours in combination. This is the only way of narrowing down your selections and picking the right colours to create your own palette.

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