Bring your new living room to life with the latest colour trends

Once you’ve moved, the next step is to make the house feel like home. Here’s a spectrum of palette combinations that can be suited to every living space.

A fresh yet cosy living room 

For busy family living rooms, try pairing an uplifting blue with a calming tone of pink. This palette is perfect for a relaxed and welcoming space and works well with natural flooring and wooden furniture.

A wide horizontal stripe can help make a room look longer and gives you a second color to match with accessories. To complete the look, add a scattering of plant pots and plenty of comforting cushions for a laid back feel.


Which colours?

Pictured Rocks – Dulux 10YR 28/072

Shadow Play – Dulux 90BG 35/068 

A living room painted in natural pinks and greens

An outdoor inspired living room

Whether you’ve moved to a bustling city or you’re settling in on the fringes of the suburbs, welcome nature into your new home by combining a natural paint palette with statement pieces of furniture and accessories. Experiment with different shades of earthy greens and tranquil pink on the walls and compliment with a chunky knit rug.

Statement pieces of furniture are another way of adding bold colours to the room and tying the colour scheme together.


Which colours?

Pictured Rocks – Dulux 10YR 28/072

Green Grove – Dulux 70YY 18/152 

Muted orange living room

Your very own snug

To create the ultimate sanctuary in your new home, use muted oranges, dusky pinks and gentle lilacs on your living room walls. Hints of brighter colours for soft furnishings like orange and yellow will add a bit of vibrancy to the space.

Using dark pieces of furniture with rich browns and deep purples will add an extra touch of luxury and elegance. To help tie your spectrum of colours together, choose a cosy rug with a range of tones.


Which colours?

Pictured Rocks – Dulux 10YR 28/072

Bitter Creek – Dulux 00YY 21/321

Gentle tones in living room

A gentle blend of comforting tones

Family life can be hectic, so bring some peace and serenity by introducing a mixture of calming tones. This style works well with different textures and eclectic furniture.

The soothing tones of pinks and grey are easy to match with items around the room, while dark window frames create a focal point for the space.


Which colours?

Pictured Rocks – Dulux 10YR 28/072

Silver Shores – Dulux 50YR 53/011

Disclaimer: Colour shown in the image may vary from actual paint colour due to lighting in photography. Please refer to Dulux Fan Deck at the retail outlets for more accurate colours.

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