How to Make Bold Colour Work

Combining colours is easy, when you know a few tricks. Transform your room in a big—or small—way for maximum impact.

Go for the unexpected

Bold colour is there to make a statement, so you can’t be afraid of it. You want people to walk in and go ‘wow’, so think of some unexpected colour combinations. Mustard yellow and bright pink? Why not.

Mix blocks of colour with flashes of bright pattern. Add stencils or a mural. And don’t forget about those oft-overlooked parts of a room: the doors, window frames and ceiling for example.

Think big… and small

It’s all about scale when it comes to colours: some need to be large and some small; you should have one leader or ‘hero’ colour/pattern, mixed with many followers. For example if you’re going for a large geometric rug in black and white, opt for small colourful floral cushions to dot around.

Start with the walls

If you’re completely redecorating, the first thing you need to address is the colour of your walls. This will shape the design for the rest of the room so requires some thought. Do you want to draw the eye with one bold and colourful feature wall? If so, something like the Dulux Ambiance Colour Motion finish is pretty powerful, as the colour changes under different light. Or you can go half-and-half on your walls, add a unique special effect… the possibilities are endless. Seek some more inspiration here.

Be trendy?

Are you a trend setter or a trend follower? We suggest following a trend only if it works for you. For example Denim Drift is the gorgeous colour of the year for 2017 from Dulux—and can be used as part of a fantastic colour scheme—but if this isn’t for you, don’t be afraid to pledge allegiance to last year’s oldie-but-goodie, Cherished Gold (2016).

Be fashion first

Don’t pick up interior magazines if you want to know how to mix patterns and colours: select fashion titles instead. You’ll often see an interior design trend appear six months to a year after it’s appeared on the catwalk, so take note early. Fashion designers are certainly the experts when it comes to what works—let the bright lights of New York Fashion Week be your interior style inspiration.

To match or not?

Whether you want everything in the room to match, or not, comes down to pure personality. Are you a neat and tidy person? Or do you like to play creative mix-and-match? You may wish your curtains to match your lampshades to match your sofa cushion—and for the room to have a very finished, clean-cut appearance. Or go for the more thrown-together, casual approach where nothing quite matches but works together very nicely. Just don’t settle for the no-man’s-land, middle ground.

You can be plain

If you go crazy with multiple colourful elements, you’ll quickly lose the impact you were seeking. So don’t forget to add in a plain fabric for balance. For example, if you’re styling your sofa cushions in a mix of geometric prints, stripes and florals, make sure you have a plain accent cushion for emphasis. The same goes for walls. If you pick a fun special effect, let the other walls break up the noise with a more muted tone.

Give your room the instant wow factor with Dulux Ambiance special effects paints in ColourMotion finish. #MyFutureWall is a Dulux Ambiance wall.

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