Flaunt details with deep colours and crisp white highlights.

Painting a living room with period features? You’re in luck: mantels, built-in bookcases, windows, arched doorways and mouldings all present a wonderful opportunity to add another layer of interest to your space using colour. As a general rule, the period features found in classic Victorian homes suit muted natural colours like dusty greens, powder pinks and creams or deep decadent shades of purple, chocolate brown and charcoal.

If you’re after a more contemporary look, paint your skirting boards, architraves and mouldings a clean, crisp white. If you have high ceilings, choose a colour a couple of shades darker than your walls. This will draw the eye downwards and give the space a cosy welcoming feel. This will allow the beautiful, sculptural details in your living room to take centre stage.

Living room with white colours

If you want to add some texture to the walls, consider using wallpaper with a subtle pattern or texture. This can add interest to the space without overwhelming the period features.

Incorporating other design elements like plush fabrics, decorative throw pillows, and vintage accessories can also help to enhance the period features and create a cohesive, inviting atmosphere. With the right colour scheme and decor, your living room can become a stunning showcase of its unique character and style.

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