Wayside-Inspired Paint Colors

Wayside-Inspired Paint Colors for Interiors

A place where every day feels a bit slower, and every moment a bit sweeter.

Remember the quiet beauty of a countryside retreat, the muted tones of an old, beloved path, or the soft, enduring presence of a historic inn? You can bring these comforting hues to your home with wayside-inspired paint colours. Think of these colours as your personal retreat from the outside world, a way to bring the serenity of a gentle walk in the countryside into your rooms.

And when it comes to capturing this essence perfectly, Dulux's Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 does just that. This hue is inspired by the very idea of the wayside – its softness, its warmth, and its inviting nature. With its natural beauty it brings a sense of calm to your home and who doesn't want that, right?


Interior paint colour combination with Wayside Inn

Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 brings in the understated elegance of the countryside. It's about creating a calm backdrop that complements your life and style. So, whether you're a fan of the rustic, earthy vibe or lean towards soft, whispering hues, let's talk about how to make these interior paint colour combinations with Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 work beautifully in your home.


  • Earthy Elegance

Combine Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 with other earthy tones for a look that's grounded and serene. Imagine walls that echo the colours of the forest floor, paired with accents in shades of stone, moss, or bark. Complement these earthy hues with materials like unfinished wood, natural stone, or linen.

interior paint combination with wayside inn
  • Soft and Subtle

For a gentle, understated look, pair Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 with pastel hues or other soft neutrals. This "interior paint home design" approach is about creating a space that feels airy and light, yet warm and inviting. Imagine soft lavender, pale pink, or a gentle sky blue playing off the subtle warmth of Wayside Inn. It's a colour combination that whispers relaxation and calm. These soft hues can change subtly throughout the day, bringing a dynamic yet gentle energy into your home. Accentuate with plush throws, delicate glassware, or classic books to add personal touches


Interior paint home design with Wayside Inn


Living Room 

Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 on the walls can be the perfect backdrop for your cherished furnishings and memories. Complement it with textures and accents that enhance its comforting vibe.

  • Textures: Think velvety cushions for a touch of luxury, a chunky knit throw for those cooler evenings, and a jute rug to bring a bit of nature inside. These textures play wonderfully against the soft backdrop of Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024, each adding a layer of cosiness and depth to your space.
  • Accents: As for colours, a gentle pop of sage green or dusky pink in your accessories can maintain the room's serene vibe while adding visual interest. Or, for a bit of rustic charm, incorporate some natural wood elements — perhaps a coffee table or picture frames.
colour combination with wayside inn


With your bedroom walls in Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024, let's talk about turning your bedroom into a restful retreat:

  • Textures: Soft, flowing curtains that catch the morning light, plush bedding for that luxurious feel, and a thick-piled rug to greet your feet each morning. These are the textures that will enhance the tranquil feel of Wayside Inn in your bedroom, making it a place where relaxation is second nature.
  • Accents: Consider a touch of lavender or soft blue in your throw pillows or artwork. These hues are naturally calming and will complement the peacefulness of Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024, creating a harmonious and restful bedroom.


In the kitchen, Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 sets the stage for warmth:

  • Textures: Natural materials shine here. Think wooden cutting boards, a stone countertop, or terracotta pots for your herbs. These elements bring an earthy, grounded feel to the kitchen, enhancing the homely vibe of the Wayside colour.
  • Accents: For a splash of energy and joy, try sunny yellows or vibrant greens in kitchen towels, pots, or even an accent wall. They'll make the space feel lively and inviting, a perfect contrast to the soothing presence of Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024.

Wayside Inn 00YY 63/024 into your home is about more than a new look. It's about creating an atmosphere of peace, a place where every day feels a bit slower, and every moment a bit sweeter. And when in doubt, Dulux's wide colour category is there to inspire and delight you with possibilities. So, what's the next step in your colour journey? Let's make it a beautiful one, together!

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