Colours to make your living room interior design shine

Colours to make your living room interior design shine  

Choosing a traditional living room interior design can be as challenging as a modern living room design because the starting point is a challenge. But once you are able to decide the living room interior design and mark the starting point, everything will go in a smooth flow. Revamping an old living room design into modern or having a new living room interior design from the scratch differs in design and paint planning. As in the case of the former you need to decide colours as per the existing stuff in the home if you are not planning to dump it. But if it’s a new build house, you are at convenience to go a little more experimental.    

If it’s your first time to paint your living room interior or you are revamping the old fashioned one, here are bold to subtle colour choices to match your taste and trend. 


Sky Blue 

Blue being versatile in tones enables interior designers to have more fun on the walls. Sky blue on the wall which you want to have focus makes it more active and attractive with white in contrast. Sky blue makes the room look big, airy and weightless. To complement the look of the room, get a pair of sofa and cushions in blue and white or cream and blue with silver colour rugs. To maintain the synchronous vibe of the design, use swatches of the same colour family only. 


Charcoal grey

Grey is neither boring nor outdated. Grey is one such colour that completes the look of your home if paired with other shades but if its monotone is used then also it can create a stylish and modern living room. Charcoal grey from the grey colour family is one such tone that is neither muted nor too bold. It is a balanced shade and comes up with good visual appeal in combination with white.



Green having multiple shades represents various moods and personalities. If you want to have a not so usual but crazy colour on your living room’s walls, use its khaki tone. And décor the entire space with its bold and muted tone with white/off-white. This will add a softer and more nature inspiring effect to the room.  



Neutrals never go out of fashion. Creamy tones with slightly dominating yellow tones are a perfect colour for having a warm, bright and welcoming living room. To complement its grace, use tones of dark colours like forest green, deep green or navy.

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