choose a timeless shade

How to choose a timeless shade?

Give an ageless do up to your home with failproof house painting colours  

Changing house paint in every two-three year seems too cumbersome and none of us want to do it. So, we want to pick only such house painting colours which will transcend trends. Since every colour belongs to a different age, season, and audience, choosing the right house paint may be little confusing for you. To help you choosing easy painting shades which are timeless and liked by all almost, here are few options at your disposal.

1. Black and White

These are probably one of the best combinations you may notice anywhere. All over black looks luxurious and lustrous and white looks clean, fresh and elegant. But still people prefer white over black and you can see various shades of white like warm, bright, crisp, stark, off-white, pearl, dove white, and more in most of the house painting colours. White is one of the favorite colours of the interior designers as it adds depth to the interiors and goes well with dark décor and furnishings. 

2. Green and grey

home with royal shades of Blue 

Cool green is another easy painting option and serving us for long specially to pop up colours in furnishings. And perhaps among all house painting colours, it is one of the most soothing options in the house paint which reminds us of nature and its calm and natural effects. Green in combination with grey creates perfect vibrations and feel even in bathrooms and foyers along with bedrooms. Grey is a cool colour works as a great base for any kind of space. And with faded and muddy shades of green it offers timeless choices which can fit into this modern decade well irrespective of how fast the time, trends, and preferences of people are changing.    

3. Navy blue

home with royal shades of Blue 

Blue is not only one of the most popular colours of the spectrum, but most royal one also. Dark hues of blue are deep, but lighter tones of blue are refreshing and soothing which complements every kind of furnishings amazingly well. If you chose navy blue for house paint, it is going to look awesome with cool white and soft grey for hard furnishing. It is also a very safe choice for modern spaces and historic homes because you can leave it on the walls for years. It synchronizes well with hardware, accessories, and bright light of the kitchen/bedroom even if the space is not so wide.

4. Cream

White is an ageless colour, but it won’t look vibrant if the entire interior and exterior is painted stark white. If you are dependent on your architecture, furnishings, and light, you can go with cream in undertones of yellow, pink, green, or orange. Since there are multiple pigments available in the palest hues of beiges, you get more right shades according to your colour choice, home built, and décor. 

5. Pale greige Shades 

Neutral colour palette is the new normal and exceptionally fabulous looking house paint these days. Pale greige shades are a good mix between beige and grey which create timeless looks with its neutral hues and tones.

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