Cool Outdoor Wall Paint Colors

Cool Outdoor Wall Paint Colors

The outdoor paint color scheme plays an important role in establishing your aesthetic and appearance. The paint color combination on the sides, front door and other exterior parts will determine the first impression of the house before you or others enter it. Therefore, it's a good idea to carefully consider what color combinations are suitable for the architecture and exterior design of your home.
In this design inspiration, we will recommend 5 outer wall paint colors that will enhance your home.


Blue Color Scheme

Neutral colors like white don't always have to be monotonous. The bluish white color of the front of your house can form the basis of a lovely color scheme when paired with a light blue front door. If you add pale blue furniture and a touch of yellow chandeliers, then the look of your home will set out beautifully. These three colors have their own character but can create a harmonious color scheme when combined.

Neutral Color

You can also create an attractive outdoor paint look without using flashy colors. Natural color schemes can also look ripe and flawless when added with black accents. One of the neutral colors you can choose from is beige. Since beige is muted and empty, you can add a modern look by painting the exterior doors and windows of your home black. Use white on the exterior edges to enhance the look and avoid monotony.

Gray Color Schemes

Because most of the exterior of the house is dominated by wall surfaces, often the color of the wall paint will determine the appearance and aesthetics of your home.Gray can be the right choice for the color of the outer walls of the house, because this color is calm and easy to match with other colors. To add a variety of colors, you can use turquoise doors and patio furniture, with a yellow or white hue on the exterior edges of the house to provide contrast.

Primary Color

The three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) are the basis of all colors. Therefore, these three colors complement each other. But maybe it has never crossed your mind to paint a house red, yellow, and blue as in the actual color scheme.

But these three colors have a very strong character, so when combined they can create an outdoor paint that really stands out and attracts attention.

The key to blending these three colors is choosing one color to highlight and another color to make variations. For example, you can paint the entire surface of the walls yellow, doors and windows red, and blue for curtains or patio furniture).

Wood House Paint Colors

Wood color can be the right choice to build a classy and calming aesthetic home. But without other color variations, your house will look monotonous.

If you've got your wooden exterior matched, add some metallic gray accents to the doors and windows, offset by the warm yellows and oranges of the lights and patio furniture. Thus, the wood exterior scheme of your home will appear newer and modern.

With these five home exterior paint design inspirations, you can refresh the color of your home to make it look attractive and inviting for anyone who visits it.

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