4 ways to transform your kitchen with Spiced Honey

Is your kitchen ready for a new colour? We show you one room, four ways with Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220), the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019


In the 21st century, the kitchen has become the true heart of many homes, the place where we gather to spend time with friends and loved ones. We all want a stylish kitchen that reflects our personalities and paint is the easiest way to give this room an update. We’ve created four stunning colour palettes around Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220), the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019. Which one will be right for you?

1. The soothing kitchen

Make a style statement in your kitchen with this polished and quietly glamorous look. Intense charcoal-blue painted cabinets look sharp against a mellow pale peach pink, while the space is given slick definition by a painted band of golden-toned Spiced Honey at ceiling height. Touches of graphic black and polished copper add to the mood of relaxed luxury in this kitchen.

Watch our step-by-step video for a quick guide on how to paint a stripe.

Which colours?
Snowed In 90GG 83/011
Park Loop 00YY 48/171
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220
Black Mica 30BB 05/022

2. The calming kitchen 

A calming Spiced Honey kitchen

In this kitchen, the mood is peaceful and elegant with cool grey walls, pale blue woodwork and cabinets painted in the calm caramel shades of Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220), the Dulux Colour of the Year 2019. Mixed with light woods, silver-grey metals and hand-made objects, the look is understated, graceful and grown-up.

Which colours?
Souvenir 10GG 53/030
Granite Grey 00NN 37/000
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220

3. The cozy kitchen

A cozy kitchen makeover

For an interesting look that feels warm and inviting, this palette mixes deep teal with rich forest green and the serene caramel tones of Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220). Quirky detailing is added with a border of painted honeycomb-inspired shapes that makes a real style statement.

Painting a honeycomb shape is easier than you might think. Watch our quick how-to video for a step-by-step guide.

Which colours?
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220
Thundercloud 10GG 26/046
Global Waters 50BG 11/123
Spanish Moss 70YY 06/088

4. The vibrant kitchen

A vibrant kitchen makeover with Spiced Honey

This kitchen uses paint to achieve a sense of animation and energy. Against a calm backdrop of pale neutrals, the bright pastel blue of the painted cabinets stands out boldly. This energizing colour is echoed in the graphic circle on the wall above and the blue line running along the warm caramel-toned panel of Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) on the kitchen island, for a quirky and dynamic effect.

For a quick guide to painting a circle outline, watch our step-by-step video.

Which colours?
White on White 30GY 88/014
Glistening Sea 50BG 62/133
Wood Smoke 40YY 41/054
Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220


Discover how Spiced Honey (Creme Brulee 00YY 26/220) and the new Dulux Colour of the Year palettes could transform your kitchen with the Dulux Visualizer app

Disclaimer: Colour shown in the image may vary from actual paint colour due to lighting in photography. Please refer to Dulux Fan Deck at the retail outlets for more accurate colours.

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