Punctuate rich gold with expanses of cool, dark grey

Contemporary living spaces are all about sleek lines, clean finishes, and modern aesthetics. One way to achieve this look is by incorporating graphite grey into your design. This versatile and sophisticated shade can add depth, texture, and a modern edge to any space.

To create a contemporary living space with graphite grey, start by selecting a rich gold hue for your walls. This bold and glamorous shade will add warmth and depth to your room while providing a stunning backdrop for your grey accents. When selecting your grey flooring, opt for a cool, dark shade of graphite to create a striking contrast with the warm gold walls. This contrast will help to punctuate the gold, making it stand out even more.

Dark shades living room

To tie the room together, add a simple off-white rug to the floor. This will provide a neutral base for your furniture while also helping to soften the look of the space. When it comes to furniture and decor, keep things simple and streamlined. Choose clean lines and minimalistic shapes to enhance the modern feel of the space.

When working with graphite grey, it's important to consider lighting. This shade can appear cool and stark in certain lighting conditions, so be sure to balance it out with warm light sources. Add table lamps, floor lamps, or even wall sconces in warm tones to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

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