Luxury and Modern Home Color Trends

4 Choice of Luxury and Modern Home Color Trends

Home Color Trends

Choosing a paint color for your home is certainly a very personal choice for you, especially if you want a luxury home paint color. Of course, you should choose the best wall paint brand from Dulux to make sure your luxury home paint is durable and easy to clean.

The huge selection of colors in the Dulux catalog can be quite confusing. Therefore in this article, you will get 4 recommendations for luxury home colors to make your color selection process easier.

The recommendations below are the best color choices that can emphasize the luxury of your home with colors that will always be on trend.

Pale Blue

Many interior design experts agree that pale blue is one of the strongest and timeless color trends. With a luxurious home design, of course you want a color that looks great every time.

Pale blue and other shades of blue are the colors that will change and appear differently based on the lighting in a room. Therefore, pale blue can be an elegant color choice that is suitable for your luxurious and modern residence.

The blue color is also believed to provide serenity and serenity, so that your luxurious home will be more comfortable to live in.

Green Artichoke

Bringing natural colors into your home is the best way to unite the outside world with luxurious living. The artichoke green color that is often found in moss, oceans and trees in tropical forests can create a cool, natural space.

Apart from giving a natural impression, the artichoke green color and the green hue can also add a winning atmosphere to your home. In addition, artichoke green color has a high complexity and texture, thus enhancing the luxury of your home.

The green color also fits perfectly with the gold-patterned and textured interior to further emphasize the luxury of your home.

Beige hue

Beige color can also be the right choice to create a luxury home with a touch of vintage theme on your furniture. Beige color can also give a modern look that will always be included in the list of color trends forever.

Beige is an intermediate color, meaning it does not absorb light, but it does not reflect light as well as white and yellow. Therefore, this color will create a cool and cozy atmosphere.

Pink Salmon

Pink color can seem too bright and flashy for your home. But if you choose the right color combination, then this color can create a room that is not only luxurious and modern, but also colorful and lively.

You can use pink on the exterior and interior of your home. The salmon pink color on the outside of the house can give a cheerful impression to your whole home. In general, salmon pink is very suitable for small houses,

Choose furniture colors with white, pale pink, brown, and black hues to balance out the bright salmon pink on the walls of your room. In addition, you can also combine salmon pink with beige hues to create a classic themed room.

Hopefully these 4 recommendations for luxury and modern home color trends will help you in creating a dream home that is comfortable and elegant. Don't forget to use the best paint brands from Dulux for colors that are durable and easy to clean.

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