Interior Paint FAQ and Guide

1. What finishes are available for interior paint, and when should I use each?

When it comes to interior paint, the finish you choose can make a big difference in the look and feel of your space. Here's a quick guide on the different finishes available and when to use each:

  • Matt Finish: This has a non-reflective surface, making it perfect for hiding imperfections on walls and ceilings. It's ideal for low-traffic areas like adult bedrooms and living rooms.

  • Low Sheen: Slightly more reflective than matt, low sheen paints are great for areas that need a bit of durability without too much shine, like dining rooms.

  • Mid-Sheen: Offering a balance between matt and gloss, mid-sheen finishes are easier to clean and suit areas like hallways and kids' rooms, where walls might need regular wiping down. Dulux Velvet Touch Pearl Glo and Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased are excellent mid-sheen options that provide a beautiful finish along with added benefits like air purifying properties and durability.

  • Hi Sheen: Hi sheen paints are less common but provide a slightly glossy finish that’s easy to clean. They can be used in kitchens or bathrooms where moisture resistance is needed. For this finish, Dulux offers products like Dulux Promise Sheen Interior and Dulux Velvet Touch Diamond Glo, which not only deliver on the hi-sheen aesthetic but also bring the luxurious touch of velvet and the glow of diamonds to your walls.

  • High Gloss: The most reflective finish, high gloss is super durable and perfect for trim, cabinets, and areas that suffer heavy wear. It's also easy to clean, making it ideal for kitchens and bathroom walls.


2. What primer to use over gloss paint? 

You'll need a high-adhesion primer that's specifically designed to stick to glossy surfaces. This type of primer will create a strong bond between the glossy surface and the new paint, ensuring your topcoat goes on smoothly and lasts longer. Dulux offers primers with these high-adhesion qualities, making them an excellent choice for preparing glossy surfaces for painting.

Before applying the primer, make sure to lightly sand the glossy surface to help the primer adhere better. After sanding, clean the surface well to remove any dust or debris. Once it's clean and dry, you're ready to apply your high-adhesion primer. Let the primer dry completely according to the manufacturer's instructions before painting over it with your chosen colour.


3. What paint to use on the interior brick wall?

For an interior wall, the best paint to use is high-quality latex or acrylic paint. These types of paint are ideal because they allow the brick to "breathe," meaning moisture isn't trapped in the walls. Before painting, ensure the brick is clean and dry. You might also need to apply a primer specifically designed for masonry to help the paint adhere better and provide a smoother finish. 

A great choice for primer is the Dulux Promise Interior Primer, known for its excellent adhesion to interior masonry surfaces, including brickwork, plaster, cement, and fibre boards. It's specially formulated to offer good filling properties, ensuring that the primer lays down a solid foundation for the paint. Correct application of this primer assures better quality and durability of the finished coat.


4. Can I mix different paint colours together to create a custom colour?

Yes, you can mix different paint colours together to create a custom colour. It's a great way to get the exact shade you want for your space. When mixing paints, start with a base colour and gradually add the second colour until you achieve the desired hue. It's important to mix enough paint to complete your project since recreating the exact same shade again can be challenging. Also, use paints with the same finish and type (like latex with latex) to ensure they blend well. Experimenting with paint colour can be fun and rewarding, giving you a unique look that's all your own. For more inspiration on mixing colours or finding the perfect blend, visit a Dulux store near you.


5. What are the different types of interior paint available in Dulux Malaysia?

Dulux Malaysia offers a wide range of interior paint options to suit various needs and preferences, ensuring high-quality finishes and durable results. Here’s a brief overview of some of the offerings:

  • Dulux EasyClean: As the name suggests, Dulux EasyClean is designed for easy cleaning, offering a washable paint finish that helps you keep your walls looking fresh and clean. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas or spaces where spills and stains are more likely, such as kitchens and children's rooms.

  • Dulux Better Living Air Clean Biobased: This innovative paint is focused on improving indoor air quality. Made with natural ingredients, it helps purify the air by reducing pollutants, making it an excellent choice for those looking to create a healthier living environment.

  • Dulux Ambiance: Dulux Ambiance offers a range of luxurious finishes, from velvet to marble effects, allowing you to personalize your space with unique textures and colours. It’s ideal for creating statement walls or adding a touch of elegance to any room.

  • Dulux Pentalite: This product provides a smooth and beautiful matt finish, ensuring walls have an even and beautiful appearance. Pentalite is formulated to be easy to apply, giving a durable finish that lasts, making it suitable for all living spaces.

  • Dulux Weathershield Products: While primarily designed for exterior use, Dulux Weathershield products can also be considered for interior spaces exposed to higher levels of humidity or that require durable paint with protective qualities. These products offer robust protection against various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting colour and protection.
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