home with royal shades of Blue 

Get a flattering home with royal shades of Blue 

Home with royal shades of Blue 

Depend on blue to infuse staggering grace on the walls  

Blue is an eternal colour choice which is adoring royal palaces and palatial homes since decades. Since the colour reflects calmness, serenity, and tranquility, it has become the favorite pick of the modern interior designer also. It has intense global appeal which makes it noticeable from far. Royal blue color for wall painting is a multifaceted colour so looks brilliant as undercoat paint as well as exposed paint on walls. It appears stunning and staggering when applied on walls, cabinets, and ceilings. So, let’s see how just few strokes of wall painting done in blue, royal blue, and its shades can get you a flattering home.

1. Cerulean Blue

Rich in look, but calm in effect, cerulean blue is a refreshing colour on the palette which adds Midas touch to the scene and backdrops. Go for cerulean blue undercoat paint on your walls or furniture and create a distinct look of the sitting room and bedroom. This homogenous royal blue shade is very lively choice to level up your interior of the house as it is able of adding spark in wall painting, textiles, furnishings, and décor.  

2. Watery Blue

For a connected and serene feel, pale and soft shades of blue do complete justice. To make the house more connected and inspired to ocean, take the combination of faded blue wall painting colours with neutral or washed wood shades.  Watery blue will look amazingly appealing in hall too and to create a retreat in bedroom or office, use pale blue and tan colours on bedding, fabrics, drapes, materials, home decor and furniture too.

3. Turquoise

Turquoise blue and green are two beautiful and stunning colours which make an amazing pair reflecting jewel like tones. Turquoise blue is a little sharp yet soothing colour on the colour wheel, which beautifully blends with white if you are painting it in room or bedroom. And to create texture or embossed paint, you can use it as undercoat paint with shinning and glossy white.    

4. Denim Blue

Denim blue is a casual and informal colour so you can apply it in your living space as well as kitchen. Being the two prime spaces of the house, they demand a colour which can create a more casual feel in the home. To complement it best, use sky blue, grey, white, and beige colours in combination because it seems reviving the feel of the place if used with light and neutral shades.

5. Strong Blue

Strong shades of colour blue create a distinct look in any home setting. With royal blue and other dark shades of it, you can produce a contemporary look amidst wood as well as marble flooring. If you feel that blue is dominating the layout and design of the house, keep furnishing and décor light and open and you will get a chic look with minimum colours and efforts.  

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