House Paint Color Combinations

House Paint Color Combinations

Most of the houses that we often see have colors that tend to be plain and less bold. Indeed, today many homeowners are still afraid to try bright colors for their homes.

However, now is the time to stop your fear of using light colors as your wall paint. Because basically, bright colors have a very strong character, so they can make your home more attractive and beautiful to look at.

Here are 6 house paint color combinations that you definitely rarely encounter in your neighborhood.

Color Combination Kelly Green and Neutral Colors

Kelly Green is a very saturated and intense hue, so it will build up an intense wall paint color. This color is very suitable to be combined with neutral colors such as beige, brown, and ivory in the furniture in your room. The rich green color can compensate for the lack of character that exists in neutral colored furniture.

Combined Pink Peach Contrast and Dark Green

Peach can indeed give off the vintage feel that we usually find in buildings and items from the 80s and 90s. However, the application of pink peach combined with bright hues and a touch of gray can bring out the modern impression of a room.

Bright colors that you can use to balance out the peach color are the colors found in precious stones, such as dark green, emerald, golden yellow, and so on.

Mustard Yellow and Gray Perfect Combination

If you are confused about choosing a house paint color combination, try to look around your house for inspiration. You can paint the walls in your home a bright and pop of mustard yellow. To compensate for the brightness of the color, use ceramic or gray floor rugs. This color combination will certainly rarely be found in the houses around you.

Pink Merona and Creamy Mocha

Beautiful pink color is the right choice for those of you who want to add a feminine impression to your home. As an accent color, use creamy mocha or light brown wall trim to offset the blush pink color that is synonymous with traditional feminism concepts. The combination of house paint colors can also give a cheerful and lively aura to a room, so it is very suitable for the living room and lounge in your home.

Deep Black and Gold

Many people think that dark tones can make a narrow room feel more crowded. But when paired with gold, a deep black hue can create the illusion of a wider space. This illusion will be more pronounced if there are mirrors and windows in the room, so this house paint color combination is suitable for use in the bathroom. Apart from adding the illusion of space, the combination of black and gold also adds elegance and luxury to your home.

Chewing Gum Pink and Navy Blue

Basically, we rarely find pink color in the houses around us. Chewing gum pink is the deepest variant of pink, so fewer people are brave enough to use it as a home paint color combination. But if balanced with whites and navy blues, you can create a cheerful nursery.

We rarely find the combination of house paint colors around us. But they can be your choice to have a pretty house color.

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