Outdoor Wall Paint Colors For Your Home

Outdoor Wall Paint Colors For Your Home

Most of the houses around us are white. There is nothing wrong with choosing white, because white is the color of the exterior house paint that is bright and reflects light. Thus, the inside of the house will be safer from the hot sun.

If you want a bright exterior house paint color but want your home to look unique, this color inspiration will really help. In this article, you will be inspired by the color of the outside wall paint that is prettier for your home.

1. Mustard Yellow and Chocolate

Mustard yellows and browns can create a striking home. The nature of yellow that reflects light can also protect the inside of the house from the hot sun. This combination of bright colors is suitable for those of you who have a lawn with grass and paving.

2. Ivory White and Red Brick

The high contrast combination of these two colors can be an elegant exterior paint color for your home. Added to the green plants on the lawn, this combination is the right choice for those of you who like gardening.

3. Pink, Dark Blue and White

If you want a house with a cheerful atmosphere, this combination is one of the best options. Combined with a grassy lawn, you will get a home with a tropical and inviting impression.

4. Dark Green, Brown, and Orange

The combination of dark green, brown, and orange is a natural combination that we can find in rainforests. Use green for the walls, brown for the floors and tiles, and add orange accents with the wall lights for best results.

5. Light Yellow, Turquoise and Orange

The combination of these three very bright colors is perfect for villas and cottages that are synonymous with a holiday atmosphere. The boldness of the bright oranges and yellows balanced by the serenity of the turquoise will create a vibrant yet inviting color harmony.

6. Ash and White Hues

To create an elegant exterior paint color impression, use dark gray on the roof, light gray for the walls, and white accents for the windows and doors. This option is suitable for those of you who like a minimalist concept.

7. Turqoise and White

The turquoise and white color combination is perfect for a beach house or beach house that is bright and colorful. These colors will make your vacation on the beach more memorable.

8. Ivory White and Dark Blue

If you want a vintage or classic themed outdoor paint color, a combination of dark blue and ivory white is one of the best choices. If coupled with vintage-designed furniture on the terrace, then you will get the impression of a vintage house that is rarely found today.

9. Light Ash and Light Yellow

The combination of light gray and yellow is very suitable for use in industrial concept houses with square and square shapes on the outside. The highlight of this combination is to balance 2 parts ash with 1 part yellow.

10. Brown and Red Hues

Another elegant color combination is dark brown, light brown, with red for the entrance area and its surroundings. The combination of these three colors emphasizes the entrance area to further invite guests who want to visit.

Hopefully the color inspiration this time helps you to create a unique and comfortable outdoor color. Use Dulux Weatherproof color options for weather-resistant outdoor paint.

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