Five ideas for decorating with what you have

Discover how to refresh your home without spending a fortune.

Show off your framed photographs or art

If you have a piece of artwork or a photograph that you love, why not use it as inspiration for a new look? Hanging your art in a prominent place and introducing a statement wall colour behind it will instantly update a room.

You could use a colour from the artwork (we recommend choosing a shade or two lighter) or pick a contrasting colour to make it really stand out.

Work around statement furniture

Redecorating your room around a favourite piece of furniture is an easy way to make a big change. Make your statement piece the star of the show by choosing a wall colour that really complements it.

For example, if you have a red sofa, you may like to choose a cool grey or blue to balance the red. Or if your furniture is a neutral hue, a warm wall colour will help bring warmth and depth to the space.

Use texture to create a cosy bedroom cocoon

If your bedroom is looking a little tired, try this for a bold revamp.

Choose a colour from a favourite piece of bedlinen and create a cocoon effect by painting it on your ceiling and two of the walls. The colour will wrap around the room, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing in.

Build a colour scheme around accessories

Create a focal point by grouping together accessories from the same colour group and displaying them on a shelf, mantelpiece or sideboard. For maximum impact, try varying the shapes and sizes of your vases, photo frames and ceramics.

Go one step further and paint a feature wall behind your display that complements the colours found in your accessories.

Change the view with an accent colour

Curtains or blinds are often used as the basis for a colour scheme, but by taking this idea one step further, you can create real impact.

Try painting your window recess in a vibrant colour – such as electric blue or a deep green – and the rest of your walls in a more muted tone of the same hue.

Not only will this effect inject colour into your room in an unexpected way, it also creates a striking focal point.

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