5 ways to transform windows and doors

You don’t have to paint a whole space to create the wow factor. A mini-makeover for your window or door can give your room an impressive and beautiful new feature.

Elegant doors that will wow

Dare to be different and use color to make a feature of your doorway. Using a light blue or green tone gives you a chic and eye-catching look, making it the perfect entrance into any room. Develop the look by decorating simply, using a pale color scheme which won’t detract from the doorway. To let the color of the door really pop, paint the walls a clean white. It’s an easy way to create a look worthy of a magazine cover!

Which colors?

S9.06.72 / 10BB 55/065
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

Accentuate your windows

Grey window frames and white window seat

Don’t let your windows get lost in the room, accentuate them with a contrasting color. Dark grey is a sophisticated and elegant option that will make them stand out and also beautifully frame the view outside. A window seat enhances the feature and gives you the perfect place to sit and relax. For an ambient living space, try decorating with cushions and throws in a neutral color palate. Wooden flooring and a vase finish the room, so you have the ultimate space to unwind. 

Which colors?

RN.01.38 / 30BB 16/031
ON.00.90 / 81YR 85/004

Divide an open plan space

White interior doors with purple wall

Make the internal doors that divide up your open plan living space into a feature by painting them in a contrasting color to your walls. Fresh white and indigo create a chic look and can work either way round. Painting the detailing in a room like a window or door frame can quickly refresh an entire space, so you can spend more time enjoying it.

Which colors?

GN.01.89/ 65YY 91/027
U3.15.11 / 66BB 06/077

Windows to complement your style

Black window frames with light blue walls

If you’ve gone for a modern look, try tying your windows into the design by painting them in a stand-out tone. Jet black works well, instantly creating impact and transforming the space. This style looks great with wooden flooring, ensuring that the room still feels bright and airy. Decorate with an elegant sofa in a warm neutral tone and use grand pot plants to bring some energy into the room.   

Which colors?

ON.00.10 / 00NN 05/000
N1.06.61 / 50GG 40/064
QN.02.82 / 72BG 75/023

Experiment with yellow

Bright yellow door in white hallway

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a bold color on your door? For an instant and stylish update, choose sunflower yellow to brighten up a space and make a feature of the door. Choosing yellow needn’t be scary – it’s a quick way to add a touch of contemporary style to your home. You can calm the bold color by painting cupboard doors in a warm neutral, this softens the effect and enhances the feeling of warmth.

Which colors?

F4.54.66 / 30YY 46/608
F9.03.76 / 50YY 63/041

See how quick, easy and simple it is to transform your windows and doors with this how-to video.

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