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Why Experts Recommend Paint Sealer?


How to Prepare a Weatherproof Surface for Paint? 

Painting a wall is not as easy as just picking a brush and paint and starting painting. It requires a lot of pre-painting preparation to do a paint job perfectly and in order to ensure that the paint stays for long. Your surface needs a lot of preparation and undercoating before you apply that first coat of colour. For that, you need to check if you need to apply a primer or a paint sealer or an undercoat or weatherproof paint before the first coat of paint. 

Because this will directly affect the final strokes of paint and how it will look after the paint dries. So here is the guide to help you know about weatherproof paint; what is a primer, a paint sealer and an undercoat paint and why to use them. 


Primer paint

Primer paint works as weatherproof paint when is applied directly to the surface before painting. A primer paint coat gives good adhesion to the top layer with the substrate. It also works as a sealer because it protects surfaces from moisture and also saves from rusting if applied on a steel surface. Plus, it also prevents the sinking of paint colour in the substrate.  


Surface before applying primer paint

To ensure that the primer works best, make sure that the surface is cleaned properly. For that wash the surface 24 hours before applying the first coat of primer with the help of a damp cloth to remove all deposition of dust. 

If there are any holes and cracks in the surface, make sure that you fill them with spackle before applying the first coating of weatherproof paint.

It is difficult to paint over glossy paint surfaces so if the surface is glossy, sand them over to create a better surface which can give a good bond to the paint. Also, do not forget to clean the sand grit before painting over the surface. 


Paint sealer 

Paint sealer is applied to create a substrate for the primer before you apply it to the base surface. It is used for the purpose of developing a good adhesion between the substrate and the primer.  And also, it works ideally if applied on a surface that is unfit for direct painting work. Or if the surface is porous, the use of sealer paint makes the paint job easy. Not only this, it can be used for sealing and retaining any waxes in the substrate as well as protecting the painted surface from staining.


Undercoat paint

It is used to improve the bond between primer or paint sealer and the top layer of the paint. For this purpose, it is applied before the initial layer of paint. It also strengthens the properties of primer and sealer paints such as making substrate moisture-proofing and even out other small imperfections.

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