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What are the Wall Sealer Paints to Make Walls Waterproof?


Kinds of Sealer Paint Used as Waterproofing Solution

Sealer paint works as a waterproofing solution as it prevents the walls from water leakage. The problem of water leakage hits not only in monsoon but at least expected times too. Problems of water leakage make walls and roofs damp, fade, and peel off at a rapid rate which may not only spoil your mood but your health too. All of us just keep trying to beautify the aesthetics of the home but often neglect the most important part. It is crucial to make our home a safe place with the help of a sealer paint or wall sealer.  

So here three wall sealer types are covered to nurse the health of your home.  


Waterproof Putty

A home cannot look clean and happy if the walls are peeing off or fractured. For ensuring that your building structure doesn’t decay and fall before time, choosing the right wall sealer and waterproofing solution is necessary. For that, it is necessary that your walls and roofs are leakage and seepage proof. The use of waterproof putty ensures keeps your home looks new even after years because it provides zero to minimal seepage. Not only this, it fills the gaps and cracks to make your wall look beautiful by guaranteeing a consistent and smooth finish.


Dampproof Paint

Waterproofing your walls is not a single-step process. Application of dampproof or sealer paint cannot only solve the water seepage and leakage issue but also helps in preventing such situations as it forms a thick elastic film that fills cracks and prevents water penetration. You can use a wall sealer as a wall paint as well as a primer onto which paint colours can be applied. This is not only a waterproofing and cracks binding solution but also works as an anti-algal and anti-fungal agent that saves you from a lot of stress and expenses because of a house’s wear and tear. It can be really helpful for a comfortable stay in your home as it keeps water leakage and damping problems away. 


Cement Coating

Monsoon should be enjoyed without being worried about water leakage and seepage problems. The cement coating is one of the best wall sealer and waterproofing solutions to prevent water and moisture infiltration and hold out against mold because of its powerful properties. Cementitious waterproof coatings are highly flexible with low absorptivity making them a perfect waterproofing solution. Generally, the two-component cementitious coating comprises the best quality Portland cement that works as the right waterproofing formula. 


So now, you don’t have to be worried about waterproofing solutions for your home as you have all the perfect sealer paint solutions on hand to protect your home. So, enjoy all your time doing what you love.

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