Why Homes in Asia Need Strong Protection

Do you know the factors that spoil the beauty of your house?

Considering the elements they have to battle on a daily basis, Asian homes need strong protection to keep looking good. 

An Assault of Crack-causing Factors

Ever wonder how cracks form on what looks like a strong, solid exterior wall? These hairline fractures can come from the settling of a house, extreme changes in weather and temperature, or the drying of concrete walls.

Hard-hitting Rain

The monsoon, a feature of life in so much of Asia, is a powerful force indeed. With thousands of litres of water hitting an average home over a year, you need walls that stand strong.

Otherwise the hairline cracks formed will allow moisture in. When the rain and moisture seep in, it can become trapped, weakening wall structures. And when that happens, an ordinary paint won’t help you much — it’s time for an advanced premium exterior paint.

Harsh Humidity

High humidity feels uncomfortable for us — and is even worse for home facades. The pervasive moisture can cause algae and fungi to grow on surfaces (particularly if your wall is cracked), leaving unsightly, often large stained patches.

Dynamic (and Developing) Cities

Asia is booming, with huge amounts of industry and traffic. This, combined with air pollution, means we can expect way more dust and dirt. These particles can collect on, and spoil the look of your walls — unless you have an advanced paint that resists dirt.

A Strong Problem Requires a Strong Solution

Dream home
Dream home

So how can you guard against all these factors, when they team up to degrade the beauty of your house? You need an advanced paint that stretches six times more than regular exterior paints — a cutting-edge product like Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx.

This advanced exterior paint boasts unique elastomeric properties, stretching to cover hairline cracks for superior water-resistance and protection against moisture damage.

The result is true confidence in your house as a secure place of shelter. Because every homeowner deserves Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx’s ultimate all-weather protection against tropical heat, heavy rain, dirt or dust, and more.

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