Choose deep, vibrant colours to create a living space that warms the heart.

After a long day, nothing beats unwinding in a cosy living space that radiates a toasty glow. Use warm, deep colours like rust, teal, golden browns and cerulean to create the feeling of a more intimate atmosphere.

If your living room is on the large side, one of the simplest ways to create a more intimate feel is by breaking your room down into smaller zones. You could paint the wall behind your fireplace a deep, vibrant colour or just a few shades darker than the rest of the room. You could also try a bright colour on the inside of the bookshelves or the woodwork around the windows. Creating those cosy zones within your lounge area will not only give the room a focal point but will help draw the eye in.

Room with large window

When it comes to choosing furnishings for a cosy living room, think plush and inviting. Look for comfortable seating with soft fabrics like velvet or chenille. Layering throws and pillows in warm, rich colours can also help create a cosy atmosphere.

Don't be afraid to add personal touches like family photos or artwork to make your living space feel more inviting and homely. These simple additions can create a sense of warmth and make the space feel more intimate.

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