Smart Ways to Beautify (and Protect) Your Home’s Exterior

Learn how to turn functional add-ons into gorgeous flourishes, add a glow to your house, cover hairline cracks and more.

When you’ve worked hard to build a beautiful house that nurtures you and your loved ones, it’s only natural that you want its exterior to mirror those properties.

Install Pleasant Lighting

The right lighting can make a huge difference, casting a pleasant glow around your house. On the other hand, harsh fluorescent bulbs can spoil the welcoming look of your home. You may want to opt for low-voltage or motion-activated lights to save energy.

Select Outdoor Features that Complement the Décor (with a Practical Benefit)

Pick furniture and other decorations that work well with the décor of your house façade. Better still, find out which wall is most exposed to harsh sunlight. If you can select plants in the right shade nearby, they can provide some sun protection, plus match the look of your exterior wall, making your house more beautiful as a result.

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Combine Practical Features with Gorgeous Design

Gutters and downpipes don’t have to be dull outdoor features. A brand-new stainless-steel sheen can add a subtle touch that offsets window frames and walls.

Upgrading old, inefficient guttering also means less water gushing against your walls, protecting you from stains and waterlogged hairline cracks.

Invest in an Advanced Premium Exterior Paint

Every homeowner deserves to enjoy long-lasting pride in the beauty and security of their house.

Using a premium exterior paint like Dulux Weathershield Powerflexx, you can be confident in ultimate protection from hairline cracks and weather attacks. That’s thanks to its elastomeric film, which stretches six times more than regular exterior paints. What’s more, Advanced Algae and Fungus Guard and Stay Clean Technology defends against unsightly marks or stains.

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