Contrasting Pastels with Black in Open Plan Kitchens

Defy the ordinary and celebrate the bold.

Design a kitchen where the softness of pastels meets the boldness of glossy black, creating a striking contrast that's both modern and gothic. This unique colour combination redefines open-plan kitchens from merely functional spaces to areas of dramatic, artistic expression. Imagine a kitchen that captures the eye, holds attention, and tells a story - that's the magic of blending pastels with black.


The Power of Contrast in Kitchen Design

When you think of kitchen colours, pastels and black might not be the first combination that comes to mind. But here's why it should be:

A Modern Edge to Pastels: Often, pastels are seen as soft, calming, and even vintage. However, when you pair them with glossy black, they take on a whole new character. Black gives pastels an unexpected, edgy twist, transforming a typical kitchen into a contemporary, gothic-inspired space.

The Psychology of Contrasts: There's something inherently captivating about contrasts, especially in colour. The human eye is drawn to areas where two contrasting colours meet. Black and pastel tones create this visual intrigue, making your kitchen more than just a cooking area – it becomes a focal point of your home.

Dynamic Spaces: The contrast between black and pastels brings a dynamic energy to the kitchen. It's about balancing the light and the dark, the bold and the subtle. This interplay of colours can make even the simplest kitchen designs stand out, turning everyday spaces into works of art.

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Designing with Contrast in Open-Plan Kitchens

In an open-plan kitchen, where space flows seamlessly into the next, using contrasting colours like pastels and black can be particularly effective:

Define Areas Without Walls: The beauty of contrasting colours in an open-plan kitchen is their ability to define different areas. For example, a pastel-coloured dining area adjacent to a kitchen with glossy black accents can subtly separate the two spaces without the need for physical dividers.

Colour Blocking for Visual Interest: Consider colour-blocking techniques. You could have kitchen cabinets in a pastel hue set against a black-tiled backsplash. This not only creates a focal point but also adds depth and character to the open space.

Consistent Yet Varied: While maintaining a consistent theme, vary the intensity of colours in different areas. A lighter pastel on walls can transition into darker accents in furniture or kitchen fittings, offering a balanced yet varied look throughout the open space.

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Highlighting Kitchen Details with Colour

Spotlight on Features:
Use contrasting colours to highlight special areas like a kitchen island or bar. Imagine a glossy black bar against pale terracotta walls.

Seamless Appliance Integration: Choose items that either stand out or blend in with your scheme. Black appliances, for example, can seamlessly fit into a kitchen with black accents, maintaining a sleek look.


Completing the Look with Decorative Elements

Textiles and accessories are the finishing touches that bring your kitchen's colour scheme to life:

Textiles: Think curtains, rugs, or even tea towels. These elements can either complement or contrast with your primary colours. A black and white patterned rug in a terracotta kitchen, perhaps?

Functional Art: Accessories like vases, artwork, or even cookware can be both beautiful and practical. Choose pieces that echo the boldness of black or the softness of your pastel shades.

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Lighting Strategies for Contrasting Colours

Set the Mood: Under-cabinet lighting can brighten a black countertop, making it shimmer, while pendant lights can create a warm glow over your dining area.

Choosing the Right Fixtures: Go for lighting fixtures that reflect your kitchen's modern vibe. Sleek, black pendant lights or minimalist lamps can add to the contemporary feel.


Practical Tips for Maintaining Contrasting Colors

Keeping your kitchen looking its best involves a bit of care, especially with bold colours:

Maintaining the Gloss: Black, especially in glossy finishes, can show smudges and fingerprints. Regular wiping with a soft, damp cloth can keep surfaces looking fresh.

Preserving Pastel Beauty: Pastel walls might need a little extra care, especially in high-traffic areas. Washable paints are a lifesaver, allowing you to wipe away scuffs without losing colour vibrancy.


The combination of pastels with black in an open-plan kitchen creates a space that's both functional and boldly expressive of your personal style. So, why not take the leap? Experiment with these contrasting colour ideas and watch as your kitchen transforms into a space that's brimming with personality and style.

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