Choose pastel colours for a timeless kitchen look

Give your kitchen a subtle wash of colour with pops of pretty pastel shades

Pretty pastels

If you prefer soft, subtle colours over bright hues, why not try adding interest to your kitchen with a more considered colour palette? Whether you feel more comfortable surrounded by warm, muted shades like powder blue and rose or feel happy in the presence of sweeter pastels like lemon, berry and mint, the secret to colour confidence is choosing a palette of two or three colours and sticking to it.

Small touch

Colour does not have to end at your walls – even something as simple as painting your existing cabinets or furniture will add instant pizazz for minimum cost. For a clean, classic look, use a similar shade on both your cabinets and furniture, or be daring and deck out every chair in a different hue. For the finishing touch, choose accessories in similar shades to your walls – this will help to create a cohesive colour scheme and anchor the whole look together.

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