Dulux Wall Couture: 3 Fresh Interior Design Approaches

Explore our home décor ideas and inspire your living space with Trendy Shapes, Elegant Stripes and Unique Styles for a renewed look.

How do you turn your home from an ordinary one to an extraordinary one? It’s about what’s within your walls. And also about what’s on them. If you’ve just moved into a new home and are looking for inspiration, or simply desire a makeover for your home’s interior design, we’ve got the answer you’ve been looking for.

Introducing Wall Couture, the latest home décor trend by Dulux.

Wall Couture is about creativity, flexibility and individuality. We believe that the walls of your home are a blank canvas on which trendy shapes, elegant stripes and unique styles can be weaved together to best express your identity through diverse colours. You can draw inspiration from our interior wall painting designs, to create a home décor that truly personifies you.

Let a sense of calm take over your living space, with cozy circles on a tranquil dark blue backdrop.

In fashion, Couture represents uniqueness and personality. And so it is with Wall Couture. By bringing together different colours, designs and other visual elements, you bring life to your walls and create an exciting wall space that is tailored to your uniqueness and liking – an expression of your individuality.

Wall Couture encourages you to venture away from the commonness of monotonous designs and colours, to a more diverse and creative space via variants of shapes, stripes and styles. Start simply, perhaps with some shapes, to help a room establish its focal point. Bold shapes have the ability to make a defining statement in your living space whereas something groovier can help to inject a bit of fun into any room.

Give your sitting room an elegant warmth with a combination of stripes in autumn-inspired shades.

When it comes to the ever so versatile stripes, there’s a timeless elegance to the classic tone-on-tone combo, which with a simple switch up of colours to something more contrasting, can accomplish a more contemporary feel. And lastly for styles, explore a whole new spectrum of creative possibilities through varying colour schemes and interesting patterns, to create intriguing and uncommon designs that let you give style your own meaning.

Style your home’s interior with a unique and modern design.

The essence of it all lies in the decoration of your home – doing it the way you want to, taking inspiration from fresh home décor ideas. With Wall Couture, Dulux allows you to be your own trend-setter, your own interior designer and most importantly the leader of your own living space. Be it a bedroom design, a living room design or even a kitchen design, you can be at the aesthetic forefront of your home’s interior.  The wall décor possibilities are endless with Wall Couture.

Find out more about how different shapes, stripes and styles can transform your living space into one that becomes a personification of you.

Explore the different designs and colours that make #WallCouture today.

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