A Pro Approach to Elegant Stripes

Discover the diversity of stripes to rejuvenate your home interiors.

Want to transform your dull and drab walls into a work of art? Both lasting and trendy, stripes are the go-to design concept that can turn a wall’s appearance from tired to timeless.

A part of the Dulux Wall Couture home décor trend by Dulux, stripes can transform walls from bland backdrops to focal points of personal expression with just a few easy brushstrokes. Whether you are looking to add a subtle or high-impact effect to your walls, here are some creative ideas to bring some stripes into your home.

The Dulux Colours: 
Tierra Del Fuego 60YR 31/368
Audrey's Auburn 50YR 16/127
Madeira Rose 10YR 27/323

Paint a picture of casual elegance in a living room with generously sized vertical stripes spaced at regular intervals. Update the classical proportions by painting the stripes in a dashing combination of warm, rustic shades to turn up the dial to an utterly chic look.

The Dulux Colours: 
Intense Gunmetal 90BG 11/016
Heatherbelle 90YR 73/029

Infuse cosiness into a lofty space by using a warm, earth-toned stripe pattern in an eye-catching vertical orientation. Vary the widths of the stripes at regular intervals to give a room a sense of orderliness. You can extend the stripes onto a ceiling to add just a hint of drama to a homey setting.

The Dulux Colours: 
Grey Pennant 30BB 31/022
Cedar Shadow 50YR 36/263

A sophisticated, mid-century modern look is a favourite of interior designers, but you can make it your own by varying directions and widths of the painted stripes to create abstract patterns. Divide neutral blocks of colour with intersecting lines in popping shades to add a bit of an edge to the composition.

The Dulux Colours: 
Blue Waltz 30BB 17/158
Forged Metal 26BB 10/008

For a chic and moody feel, go bold by taking a distinctly modern approach and arranging stripes in a striking, slanted orientation. Choose dark hues with darker stripes for an effect that instantly accentuates your room. Keep the darker stripes thin and subtle so they don’t overpower the rest of the space.

The Dulux Colours: 
Purple Foxglove 03RB 63/122
Beachcomber 20YY 58/082
Regent Street 50GG 75/092

Set a dreamy backdrop to a child’s bedroom with soft, chunky stripes for a calming yet not-too-grown-up setting. Light shades of peach, blue and beige play off well against each other. Use them in regular intervals to create a relaxing, cosy space for your young ones.

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