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Easy Painting Colours to Make Walls Look Beautiful


Painting Ideas and Combinations to Render a Special Effect to Walls  

Colours too can speak in silence. A right shade painted perfectly can create your dream abode with all the perfections you want. So, when it comes to picking the best painting ideas, the combination should be no less than perfect. A heavenly abode is the dream of every individual and easy painting ideas play an important role to make a house a dream house. It’s the easy painting ideas that you incorporate on your house walls and interior, that reflect your mood and personality. Since picking the right painting ideas may be tricky and difficult, so we have chosen a few of the easy painting combinations recommended by the interior designers and colour experts.  


1. Burgundy and Beige

Burgundy with Beige is one of the perfect painting ideas for any room and living because the subtle beige leaves a warm and welcoming effect with stylish and restful burgundy in the backdrop and make your space look enhanced in aesthetics. Because this combination pairs well when used in a balanced proportion.


2. Blue

Blue is a bold yet calm and creative colour which can be a super easy painting idea because you don’t have to get indulged into pairing it with any other tone or shade. Any light shade of grey or white matches perfectly with bold and beautiful blue specially if the painted wall is given any textured.


3. Lavender and Off-white

If you want to create a personalized and cosy vibe in your bedroom or a happening vibe in your living room with easy painting choices, this combination is the most comforting one. Since both the colours are cool and calm in essence so it brings a calm effect to the room space. 


4. Green and Gold

Sometimes you just don’t need painted walls but a slight change too. Green and gold on a wallpaper or textured wall with green and yellow on the opposite and side walls creates a bold and strong impression and looks breathtaking. The bright effect of yellow or gold and lush green effect of green brings a heavenly effect.  


5. Steel Blue

This unique and posh colours brings in a lot of luxury and richness and creates a balanced effect if other interior and home décor is design around this colour or colours opposite to it to add variety to the look, style, and feel of the room and décor. 


6. Dusty Purple

The calm and warm purple with black tints brings a bold appeal and seems to be an obvious easy painting pair if you are looking for a brilliant combination. Dusty purple teamed up with its cool undertones and tints of black in metal accents can accentuate any room’s interior and design. 


These are few of the best in-trend combination to help you choose the combination that suits you the most.

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