Creative and attractive wall paint ideas

Interesting Wall Painting Ideas 

Creative and attractive wall paint ideas

Wall colour cannot only refresh the look of your home but also enables you to be artistic with the patterns and designs.  If unique and creative wall painting ideas are represented on the walls, especially to create an accent wall, they can add richness and luxury to a home. So, if you are up for some painting work, here are some wall colour and wall paint ideas to transform vapid walls into fabulous ones.

Random blocks in blue

If you want a minimalistic and modern look, use the shades of blue and grey in combination to create random blocks with the help of painter’s tape for a clean look. 

Honeycomb pattern

Doll up the vapid wall with multiple shades in honeycomb design. Unorganized hexagons in different shades are going to create a funky feel on the white or neutral wall and going to complement any wall of the house, but the only hack is to choose the right wall colour. 

Uneven rectangles, squares, or triangles 

If you choose such patterns, these are enough to give an eye-catching modern look to your interior wall in minimum efforts. Moreover, painting random triangles, rectangles, or squares in different shades of the matching colours is among such few wall painting ideas which are very easy to implement as it doesn’t require any artistic skills.  

3D check

3D figures add a little intriguing, but a charming effect on the walls. Though it’s a little complicated to create this look if you are painting this pattern, but trust the process as all your hard work will be paid off well as it looks super amazing. 

Colour burst

A Colour burst pattern is one of the easiest ways to makeover narrow and nude walls. It creates a positive and vibrant look on the wall. All you need to do is, choose your favourite colour opposite to the base and create several shades and paint them. Use painter’s tape to create a fine line and create a thin gap between two shades to give each shade more definition.  

Wall division in multicolour

Wall paint can add a lot of brightness and positivity to the space. Pour some neutrals on the wall in the diagonal pattern to give it a clean base and then pick the colours of your choice to create random pattern vertically. Make sure to choose colours which can pop out in high intensity to give a positive and vibrant effect to the space. 

Unarranged curves 

Neutrals are in trend to create a minimalistic and modern look, but to give it more artistic effect to the walls, use naturals and neutrals in straight lines, curves, dots, and blocks. Pastels also can serve the purpose of complementing the modern styling home.   

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