Modernize Your Home with Wall Paint Colours

Wall Paint Design to Brighten Up Boring Walls 

Modernize Your Home with Wall Paint Colours 

Wall paint colours are probably the least expensive and greatest tools to remove imperfections and give your home a refreshing and clean look. They also can make boring and dark spaces interesting and brightening. A new wall paint design does not only make your house look modern but transforms its overall appeal. For the spaces which have many imperfections and look boring, dark, and gloomy, we have come up with some refreshing wall paint colours to restyle them. 

Off White

Off white is one of the cleanest and radiating wall paint colours which looks superior on the dark walls. However, to give an edge to the complete white walls, you need to keep the wooden work authentic in dark tones or the furnishing and linings in deep and bold colours like royal blue, rich green, navy blue, dark red, magenta, bold pink, teal green, sage green, mustard yellow, peacock blue, etc.  


Wall paint design in lavender shade due to its warmer effect becomes the natural choice for imperfect and dark spaces. It has a wide range of shades including soft and dusky shades to purple-based taupes and a great choice for adding some brightness and vibrance. To create a sophisticated look, you can pair it with grey or white and for an exuberant look, club it with pastels. 

Powder Blue

Powder blue is one of the best shades for wall paint design if you want to have a reflective, clean, transparent, and uncluttered look. It goes best with white if splashed on dark corners and spaces to create a dreamy space that looks like a blue sky.  

Soft Gray

It may sound a little crazy to you, but adding more grey is going to brighten your dark and drab spaces. However, the final look and reflecting effect is directly proportional to the shade you chose to paint, but as per experts, medium shades will do the trick for you if you just want to add more light to the space through colour. For a warm look, you can go with the greige or dove grey, and to add warmth, you can pair the grey base with neutral shades of pink, brown, lavender, beige, orange, etc.   

Neutral Pink   

If you want to boost the personality of your house, just add pink. If you don’t want an overwhelming look, use its softer tones in pastels, but if you want to add a little bold character, use its bold and bright shades like fuchsia. But make sure to keep it on accent walls only otherwise the object of creating a brighter space will be overpowered by the colour choice. 

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