Add warmth and depth with African-inspired earthy shades

When it comes to decorating a modern living room, using rich neutrals is an excellent choice. These earthy shades can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while also adding depth to the space. One popular approach is to draw inspiration from African-inspired decor, which incorporates a range of warm neutrals, including dark ebony and pale linen.

To create a modern living room that incorporates rich neutrals, start with the walls. Consider painting them in a warm, earthy shade such as taupe, beige or a subtle terracotta hue. This will provide a neutral backdrop for the rest of the space while adding warmth and depth.

Living room with rich neutral colours

When selecting furniture, look for pieces in natural materials such as wood, leather, or woven fabrics. Think about layering different shades and textures of neutrals, such as pairing a beige sofa with a dark brown leather armchair, or a cream shag rug with a natural wood coffee table.

Another way to incorporate rich neutrals into a modern living room is through the use of artwork and decorative accessories. A large canvas painting with warm earthy tones can create a focal point on a feature wall, while decorative pillows in natural fabrics and textures can add visual interest to a sofa or armchair.

Using rich neutrals in a modern living room can create a warm and inviting atmosphere while also adding visual interest to the space.

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