Grey wall décor

The art of adding the touch of grey to your wall décor

Your ticket to a chic and cohesive home.


Imagine a grey that's soft and welcoming, not harsh or industrial. That's what Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 brings to your space – a gentle but impactful transformation that whispers elegance and comfort. It's more of a subtle nod to sophistication and style.


Why Grey? Why Not!

Grey can adapt to different lighting, furniture, and accent pieces. Using grey living room in your home means you can change up your décor accents without having to repaint. It's the perfect backdrop for art, photography, or any statement pieces you want to showcase. 

Plus, Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 is like that perfect middle ground. It's not as stark as white or as overwhelming as black. It's the ideal neutral that plays well with just about any colour or decor style you throw at it. From your cosy bedroom to your bustling living room, this colour's got you covered. It's all about creating the backdrop that allows your furniture, art, and accents to really pop!

Grey wall colour

Spreading the Grey Love Around


Living Room

Let's take a stroll into your living room. Imagine it in Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003. Suddenly, those vibrant throw pillows or that abstract art piece you love so much are drawing all the attention, in the best way possible. Want to dabble in some seasonal changes or just feel a new vibe? Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 is your steadfast companion through it all.

But what about colours and textures? Pair this colour with plush textures in your grey wall colour for a look that's both luxurious and comforting. Consider soft velvet cushions, a woolly rug, or sleek leather accents. And colour-wise? The sky's the limit! Add some bold hues, play with pastels, or keep it cool with monochromes. Grey is the ultimate team player.



Moving on to your bedroom - this is your sanctuary, right? A place where the day's stress just melts away. With Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 on the walls, you're creating a calm, serene room that's just inviting you to relax. Pair it with soft bedding and maybe a textured throw for that extra cosiness factor. It's like every night, you're wrapped in a cloud of comfort.

bedroom wall colour

Kitchens and Dining

And let's not forget the kitchen and dining area. Grey here? Absolutely! Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 can bring a modern, chic vibe to where you cook and dine. It's stunning against white countertops or wooden cabinets, and it makes metallic accents truly shine. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal, this shade turns everyday eating into a stylish affair.



Now, let's tiptoe into the bathroom. You might not think of grey for a bathroom straight away, but Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 can work wonders here. It's all about creating a peaceful, spa-like area where you can relax and unwind. Pair it with crisp white towels and maybe some natural wood accents for a look that's clean and refreshing. Add a plant or two, and voila! Your bathroom just got a sleek, modern upgrade.


Home Office 

With many of us working from home these days, creating a space where you can focus and be productive is key. Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 in a home office sets a calm, focused atmosphere. It's a colour that doesn't distract but rather, complements whatever workspace you've got set up. It pairs beautifully with bookshelves, desks, and tech gadgets, making for a cohesive and stylish work area.

Home office wall colour

Styling Tips for Touch of Grey 


Textures and Layers

One of the joys of decorating with Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 is experimenting with different textures. In a grey living room or bedroom, mix soft fabrics with harder, more rustic materials for a layered look. Consider a chunky knit blanket draped over a smooth, grey leather couch, or fluffy pillows resting against a sleek, grey headboard.


Accent Colors and Touch of Grey

While Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 is stunning on its own, it also plays well with other colours. For a vibrant look, pair it with pops of mustard yellow, rich burgundy, or even teal. For something more subdued, think navy, blush pink, or sage green. These colours against a grey backdrop create a dynamic yet harmonious space.


Lighting Makes a Difference

Never underestimate the power of lighting in transforming a space. With grey wall colour, consider the type of lighting that best suits the mood you want to create. Warm, soft lighting can make the grey feel cosier, while bright, white lights can make it feel more crisp and modern. Play around with different fixtures too – a statement lamp or unique pendant light can add heaps of personality.

From creating a serene retreat in your bedroom to a lively gathering space in your living room, Touch of Grey 30BB 72/003 is your ticket to a chic and cohesive home. So grab that paintbrush (or call in the professionals) and get ready to transform your space with the elegance and sophistication of grey.

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