The ultimate moving checklist

If your new house is in need of a touch of paint, use our checklist to help make every stage of your move run as smoothly as possible.

Paperwork overload, unsettled children, removal companies and general life upheaval can make moving a stressful time. Organisation and planning are key in making the process easier. So use our checklist to help you make your new home feel like yours as quickly as possible.

Before the big day

  • Download the Visualizer app

Our app helps you pick your colours in advance, so you can match new and existing belongings to your carefully chosen palette. The app also helps you order testers so you can try out your chosen colours when you move-in.

  • Measure up

If possible, it’s worth thoroughly measuring up your new home so you can plan how much paint you’ll need and what furniture will fit where.

  • Tools at the ready

Pack your DIY and decorating tools separately and on moving day keep them close by and easy to access. 

Moving day

  • Take a break

Have a break from shifting boxes and, while you’re enjoying a well-earned tea or coffee, get the testers out and see how your chosen palette looks on your wall.

  • Leave space for painting

When you’re moving in, avoid putting any boxes or furniture into the first room you plan to decorate.

  • Save your moving boxes

Your cardboard boxes can double up as floor covering for when you’re painting. This solution is easy on the pocket and works better than plastic and fabric.

You’re in!

  • Where to start

Prioritising children’s rooms first can help them settle into their new surroundings. Focusing on the living room and bedrooms are also a great way to feel at home quickly.

  • Quick fixes

If you’re on a tight budget or short on time but would like to put your own touch on your new home, try making a mini transformation. How about painting a feature wall, applying a coat or two of paint on the kitchen tiles or even creating playful motifs in the children’s rooms?

  • Get personal

If you haven’t quite decided on colour palettes for your rooms, try hanging some of your favourite pictures and artwork on the walls and let them inspire you. This will help you settle in and let the interior design ideas flow!

Download a print-friendly version of your checklist.

To escape the chaos of moving, why not take a minute to explore colour ideas to see how you can bring your new living room to life. 

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