The new & improved Dulux EasyClean™ range!

New Dulux EasyClean™ range delivers optimum washability that helps your walls stay clean and beautiful for longer.

The new Dulux EasyClean™range  formulated with the break-through KidProof Technology™**,  protects home walls with a unique protective layer that effectively resists tough stains*, preventing them from deeply penetrating into the paint film so they can be wiped easily, thus making cleaning easy. 

Furthermore, with its Colourguard™ technology, Dulux EasyClean™ range– that comes in more than 2,000 tinting colours – helps walls stay vibrant and fresh-looking for longer.

Dulux EasyClean™ Range comes in two finishes: 

  • Matt helps in covering imperfections on the wall by giving it a smooth, subtle look and have the added benefit of being washable.

Watch the New and Improved Dulux EasyClean™ range video:

*Resists & repels most liquid stains eg. water, soft drinks, fruit juices, dark soy sauce, tomato sauce, chili sauce, yoghurt, ice-cream and stains like chalk, dust and mud.

**Only available in Dulux EasyClean Plus.

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