Minimalist paint color inspiration

Minimalist paint color inspiration 


If we discuss minimalist house paint colors, surely the first colors that come to mind are black, white, brown, and gray. But this time we will discuss color inspiration for a minimalist home with a combination of unique and not boring colors. Who says a minimalist home has to have boring colors?

In fact, almost any color can be used to complement a minimalist home concept. It's just that, there are several color combinations that can provide color variations without destroying the minimalism concept of your home.

So for those of you who are looking for inspiration for a good house paint for a minimalist concept, see this article.


1. Colors of lilac, brown and white

Homes with minimalist concepts often have wooden floors and furniture in neutral colors such as white, brown, and other shades of gray. Using lilac gray on the walls of your home can provide a neutral accent that can be paired with other minimalist colors.

The neutral nature of lilac gray on the walls of the room will also expand your creative space with a minimalist living room design. The lilac gray paint color is also very suitable for a room exposed to sunlight from a transparent window or ceiling.


2. Pastel Blue Color For Room With Window

If you want to have a minimalist living room design with a different atmosphere, pastel blue can be the right choice. The blue color has the right reflection of light to make the room feel cooler, so that your guests will feel more comfortable when visiting.

In addition to the living room, pastel blue colors are also suitable for minimalist bedroom designs, especially if your room has a window. The morning sunlight reflected by the pastel blue walls can help you start your day more excited.


3. Combination of Navy Blue, Mustard Yellow, Brown, and White

With the correct arrangement, the combination of these four colors can be a great home paint inspiration for a minimalist concept house with a small room size.

Navy blue is a color with a cool undertone, while mustard yellow is a color with a warm undertone. Two colors are opposite of each other, therefore white and brown are needed to balance them.


4. Mint, Chocolate, and Dark Green for a Minimalist Retro Concept Home

You can create a retro atmosphere with a mix of mint, brown, and dark green. When combined with furniture with a classic design, you will get a unique 70s atmosphere.

For those of you who live in small apartments or houses, this color combination can be a minimalist bedroom design with a unique atmosphere to add variety to the room.


5. Green Color and Texture of Wood Furniture

The combination of green and wood texture against a white wall background can be an interesting concept for a minimalist kitchen design. Combining wooden countertops with dark green kitchen cabinets can create a natural atmosphere in your kitchen.

Dark green color and wood texture are two colors that are often found in forests and plantations. Therefore, these two colors can naturally be combined easily.


Hopefully this minimalist color inspiration can help you to create a comfortable dream residence. Check the Dulux catalog for dozens of beautiful color variations for your minimalist home.

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