accents to diffuse positivity all around 

Imbrue kicky accents to diffuse positivity all around 

Accents to diffuse positivity all around 

Transmit positivity all around with the most effective house paint ideas

Right painting ideas can not only set up a background and scene of the house, but also able of lifting mood of the people. A right paint can make all the difference and make your home look picture perfect from every corner. If you absolutely have no idea where to start from, don’t worry, we have got your back. Just sit down and relax because we have done all the research for you and compiled few superb house paint ideas approved by designers for every corner, opening, gap, and aperture of the house. So, let's start from the entryway followed by living, bedrooms, and kitchen.

1. Entryway 

If the exterior and interior of the house is in dark shade, the best painting ideas say, keep colour of the entry door light. For example, if the exterior wall is in red, black, dark green, blue, brown, violet, paint the door with white/off-white/pearl white, cream, beige, lightest grey, or in any matching pastel colour. It will give the welcoming effect to the entrance.  

2. Living rooms

As per the most popular house paint ideas, simple is beautiful. Fresh and refreshing mint green and its shades are enough to bring the warmth of the exposed brick accent walls to the front. To complete the look, you can choose the same colour for railings, windows, doors, drapes, and artworks placed for decoration which is going to give balance and character to each little space.

Other eye-catchy painting ideas you can opt out for living is red which is bold and adventurous for highlighting walls and ceiling.  For a little classic touch and to elaborate the space well, use neutral or light shades. You can pick from grey, white, sky blue, pale green, powder blue or any other light tone of any dark colour in combination. 

3. Bedrooms and Bathrooms 

All house paint ideas revolve around colours only as they can create an affair you want. So, there is no need to shy away from them especially when it comes to picking them up for bedrooms and bathrooms. Use Dutch blue to create a bold bed space. To complement the serenity of the place, mimic the effect of sky blue in bedroom and bathroom with synchronized lightings effects. If you want to keep both the spaces calm and earthy, pick between plum and pale green. If simple seems boring to you, introducing story and patterns can be good idea for bedroom makeover. Other few amazing options may be classic grey, moss green, chocolate brown, royal blue, smoky lavender, dusty purple and pink.  

4. Kitchen 

It should be fun to stay there in the kitchen. So, such painting ideas should implement there that it should look vivid and vibrant all the time. To give it a transitional touch, paint kitchen walls with high gloss green or rich green. Green is an attention holding colour and if kitchen walls, base molding, cabinets, window trims, all are painted in green, it is enough to make the kitchen your favorite spot.  

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