Interior door pink

How Do I Paint an Interior Door Like A Pro

Painting an interior door is easy when you know how – so get it right by following these simple rules for a finish to be proud of

1. Prepare the area first: put a dust sheet down to protect flooring and personal belongings; remove the door handle, and mask off the hinges; sand and clean the surface; and allow to dry.

2. To ensure a smooth finish, dampen the door’s surface with a cloth and clean water, then apply Dulux Aura Wood & Metal Primer (primer isn’t required if the door has been painted before).

3. Using a clean brush, apply the first coat of Dulux Aura High Gloss – starting with the top and the panels, then moving on to the rest of the door. Allow to dry, then apply the second coat, ensuring paint strokes are applied in the same direction to avoid brush marks. Once fully dry, remove the tape from the hinges and re-attach the door handle.

4. Finally, for a striking finish, paint the door frame and skirting board in the same colour.

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