Deliver the drama with black 

Deliver the drama with black 

Go bold with beautiful black in Kitchen and living room walls  

Gone are the days when black used to have negative reputation and considered gloomy and haunting. Black color paint has come into light and it is no more a space specific color paint. It has emerged as go-to pick for designing luxury livings and can be seen fitting well in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. Not only paint professionals, but interior designers too recommending it for spacious and luxurious spaces. Black is entering in home spaces very frequently because people want a change after living in all over white and neutrals for decades. So, let’s see why it’s a personalized paint option and how black is going to deliver the drama on the walls and living spaces.

1. It’s a deep and moody colour

People tend to pick colours as per their choices. Black is a paint colour which is deep and bold to paint on walls, but still, it is able to create a shinning and composed neutral backdrop that complements entire home finish. Today, it has acquired space all over the house, be it bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms because of its absorbent frequency.  

2. Easy to maintain

Since it’s an absorbent colour, it’s easy to maintain as you don’t have to clean the kitchen cabinets, living room walls, ceilings, window trim, and exteriors twice in a day. 

3. Best interior colour 

Contrary to past, not only modern, but traditional style homes are also going for black exteriors as it looks bold, different, surprising, gravitating, and modern. 

 4. Breaking the myth that it makes room look small

Black is shattering all the previous assumptions made about it. Dark walls don’t make rooms look small and claustrophobic. Technically, décor and furnishings tend to take second spot after comforting black, which makes rooms to look calm, bigger, and spacious instead of an oppressive or gloomy. 

How to deliver drama with black?

Black comes in variety of shades and the look of your home depends on how you have ended up with it; whether you have used it as a geometric wall paint, monochrome all over, in combination, or contrast. 

1. Use the undertones of black paint color 

You have to be little more careful about black and its undertones as a little miss opportunity can turn the entire idea into disaster. For the contemporary look, you can create the geometric wall paint in black and white or texture paint for that matter.  

For a gorgeous wall look, you can go with geometric wall paint in 3D like circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and other geometric shapes, or asymmetrical geometric designs in black and its light shade on the accent wall and lightest shades of it on the side walls.   

2. Focus on finish 

Finishing is the key if you are choosing dark over light color paint. If your attention is on creating an intimate and cozy space, matte finish is better because it is going to soak up light, but if you want to make it look shining, stunning, and glamorous, use high-gloss paint. Or if you want to make it look vibrant and live, satin finish is going to help you. 

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