Wood Paint Color Inspirations To Beautify Your Home

Wood Paint Color Inspirations To Beautify Your Home

We can find furniture and wooden ornaments in almost every corner of the house. Wood is still one of the most popular basic materials for furniture. Just look around you, there must be at least one piece of furniture made of wood, be it a table, cupboard, chair, or door.

However, most of the wooden furniture has brown and black colors. This of course can be your obstacle in creating the color combination of the room you want.

In this article, we will discuss 5 wood paint color combinations to beautify your home. Come on, we discuss.

1. Disguise the Wood Chocolate of the Same Color

Maybe you often feel that wooden furniture in your home is too flashy and want to make other furniture the center of attention. 

Basically, wood has various levels of color density. Teak, for example, has a light brown to dark brown color depending on the age of the wood.

If your wooden furniture has a deep brown color, use a solid wall color such as dark green, navy blue, and red. This will balance out your room, so that the brown color of the wooden furniture doesn't stand out.

On the other hand, if the color of your wood furniture is light brown, use a low-density color like mint, white, light gray, or sky blue.

Choose a variety of V-Gloss from Dulux at affordable wood paints without compromising on quality to get creative with wood paints.

2. Use Green To Bring Out The Beauty Of Pine Wood

Wood has various levels of color density. Some types of wood also have mixed colors such as orange or brownish white.

Pine wood, for example, is golden brown. If placed in a room with green walls, furniture that has a natural pine color will look more beautiful.

In addition, the pale greenish gray color is also a good choice which can give a calm impression when combined with unpainted pine wood.

3. Contrast Orange Furniture With Light Blue

Some wood furniture that has been varnished can show a bright orange color. If you have furniture this color, use light blue to compensate for the brightness.

Navy blue and orange are at opposite points on the color wheel. This can be a bold and striking color combination for those of you who like colorful rooms.

4. Natural Wood Color + Yellow = Harmony

If you want to have furniture with natural wood colors, then use yellow to further accentuate the natural color and pattern of your wood furniture.

The natural color combination of wood with yellow creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to a room.

5. Combine white and brown wood paint with black furniture

Minimalist furniture trends in black or white are currently mushrooming. If you have black wood furniture, use brown and white wood paint around the furniture.

The combination of these three colors can create a modern, clean, neat, and orderly impression in one room. Use this combination in the bathroom to create a clean impression.

Of course, each color combination is a personal choice. Dulux has a large selection of colors and very competitive prices for wood paints. So don't be afraid to experiment with your own color combinations.

Hopefully these 5 wood paint color inspirations help to beautify your home by choosing the right colors to pair with wood furniture.

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