Best Wood Paint For Home And Furniture

Best Wood Paint For Home And Furniture

When reading the title of this article, maybe you think "Is choosing wood paint really difficult?".
Choosing a wood paint color is something very trivial. However, the choice of wood paint color really affects the beauty of the house. Choosing the right type of paint can make furniture and parts of the house made of wood last longer. Surely you don't want your beloved wooden furniture to quickly rot and porous, right?


Let's discuss tips on choosing wood paint colors to make them more durable and beautiful.

1. Consider the Type of Wood

Most types of wood have a structure that is strong enough to be painted using water or oil-based paints - provided that the surface of the wood is coated with primer first.

However, each type of wood has its own unique color and pattern characteristics. This can be changed by using wood stain paint. Wood stain is wood paint that is transparent. If you want to show the characteristics and basic color of the wood furniture and the corners of the house, choose wood stain paint.

There are times when you want to change the appearance of a piece of furniture with other wood paint colors. If so, choose a pigmented color like the Dulux V-Gloss which is specially formulated to be the best wood paint for you.

2. Always Use Primer Before Coloring Wood

Wood is a natural material that has fibers that can absorb paint. To avoid the paint from penetrating into the wood and causing it to weather, use a primer before dyeing your favorite wood furniture.

In addition to extending the life of furniture and parts of the house made of wood, coating wood with a primer also makes painting wood furniture easier. This happens because the primer is applied to cover the invisible holes which can be a limiting factor when painting.

3. Pay attention to the location of wood furniture to choose the type of paint

The types of wooden furniture also need to be considered when choosing a paint type. For example, wooden floors at home will certainly experience a lot of friction. Therefore, the best wood paint for wood floors should be protective from friction or scratch proof.

Likewise the type of paint for wooden fences. Because the fence is outside the house and affected by the weather, the best type of wood paint for the fence is a waterproof paint such as Dulux Weathershield.

As for furniture such as tables, chairs and cabinets, it is enough to use ordinary wood paint, wood stain or pigmented color.

4. Adjust the painting method with the type of furniture

There are two methods of painting for wooden furniture: brush and spray.

For furniture with flat, accessible surfaces such as tables, cabinets, chairs, and doors, use the brush method. The brush method will help you get a more even and tidy wood paint result.

For furniture that has a lot of curves and gaps such as sculptures and carvings, it is highly recommended to use the spray method. Spraying wood paint will really help you in reaching the curves, crevices, and indentations of sculptures and carvings.

5. Use a light wall color to emphasize wood furniture

If you have wooden furniture that you want to stand out more, such as a teak-carved table or a beautifully detailed sculpture, use room colors with high contrast.

Bright colors like mint, navy blue and gray can create a beautiful combination that accentuates the wooden furniture in the room.

Hopefully you have a better understanding of how to choose the right wood paint, yes!

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