Home Paint Color Inspirations For You

Home Paint Color Inspirations For You

Do you want to change the atmosphere of your home, but are afraid it won't fit in? Choosing a good house paint color is really easy. Just change to a simple house paint color.

The simplicity of the paint color of the house inside and outside is one important factor that can make a house feel more comfortable. But make no mistake, simple doesn't mean it's bad. Immediately, we see 5 colors of house paint that are great for a new atmosphere.

1. White Paint Color For Minimalist Homes

We all know that white is the secret weapon of the minimalists in creating a clean, orderly and modern home. If used for interior house paint colors, this color has a high level of light reflection. This can make the house feel more spacious and spacious. In addition, white can also be combined with many other colors to create a more varied home atmosphere.

White color is very popular as a house paint color. If you feel bored with white, use white with character or it is often called off-white. Off-white is a color based on white, but has a mixture of other colors. Examples of off-white colors are ivory / bone white, snow white, and cream.

2. Cool Gray Doff Paint Color

In the past, ashes were often referred to as the monotone color of the house, now many young couples use ash as the color of the walls of the house. When paired with browns and whites, ash makes a great house paint color and creates serenity for anyone who sees it. Dulux's Winter Hills ash can also be combined with Light Lime to create a contrasting color that makes the room more vibrant.

3. Navy Blue Paint Color for an Elegant Home Appearance

If you want to change the appearance of the outside of your home, navy blue can be a good choice. When combined with gray or white, your house will look more elegant and different from the surrounding houses. If you want to have a house that looks elegant, but is bored with white, try to be creative using this color. Don't forget to use Dulux Aquashield waterproof paint for the exterior so that the color doesn't fade due to rain.

4. Neutral Beige Paint Color for Creative

Beige is known as a neutral color among interior designers. This color is perfect for those of you who want to try to be creative with basic colors other than black, white and gray. Beige can be easily combined with minimalist design and white patterned furniture. Apart from indoors, beige is also a color that is suitable for use on the outside of your home. If you want to use it for the outer walls of the house, make sure you use quality paint from Dulux Aquashield for resistance from all kinds of weather.

5. Salmon Pink Paint Color For A Colorful Home

Do you want to have a room filled with colorful knick-knacks and furniture? Go for a Rosey pink color with a simple hue. This color can create a neutral backdrop for furniture in a variety of other light colors such as mint green, light green, yellow, brown, gray and white.

Hopefully this simple house color inspiration can help you to make your home more comfortable. From the 5 color examples above, what color is your favorite? Find inspiration for other beautiful color combinations on the Dulux Color Inspiration page!

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