4 gorgeous girls’ bedroom ideas

See our favourite themes to give your girl’s bedroom an inspiring new look

There’s no limit when it comes to your child’s imagination. So why should her bedroom be any different? Allow her mind to marvel at the magic you create for her with our pretty colour palettes. These are looks your little girl will love – no boys allowed!

Sky room

Why have one colour when you can have many? Give your little girl the gift of imagination by filling her bedroom with a spectrum of shades and shapes. The key is finding complementary colours – purples, blues, pinks – that work together rather than clash. Stencilled onto neutral walls they create maximum impact in even the smallest space. Add candyfloss clouds and hot air balloons for a whimsical feel and you’ll be up, up, up and away!

Which paints?

Exotic Grey   70RR 73/025
Winter Hills   50RB 83/005
Carmine Rose   96RB 22/393
Night Magic   03RB 42/220
Rose Orchard   50RR 29/198

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Pairing pink with neutral

Thinking of pink to create a princess bedroom? Use block colour on all four walls for a look that’s soft and girly. Contrast the pink with neutral accessories to make them pop. Natural materials and white finishes will work wonders.

If you’re looking to make a style statement without painting her whole bedroom in shades of pink, reverse the effect. Go neutral on the walls in soft and subdued greys, and offset this with subtle pink accessories.

Download the Visualizer app to see how pink or neutral will look on your girl’s bedroom walls.

Which paints?

Very Pink   86RB 65/163

Picking the perfect violet

Looking for something other than pink? Violet is a beautiful alternative for decorating your girl’s bedroom. This tone is perfect as your little one grows up as you can easily pair it with the different accessories – such as soft, chequered reds and whites, for an extra cosy space.

See how this colour looks on your daughter’s walls with our Visualizer App.

Which paints?

Pure Orchid   90BB 36/188

Create a split effect with bold colours

Does your daughter like big colours? Don’t be afraid to try them, simply use them sparingly in a bedroom. From fire engine red to emerald green, be confident with a bold palette by only painting part of the walls. Contrast with pure white for a look that stays fresh and retains a sense of space. Paint left over? Template quirky shapes and patterns onto the white section for added fun.

See what else you can do with your child’s favourite colours.

Which paints?

Old Flame   10YR 13/437

If you know your colour palette and need some interesting ideas to make the most of your space, take a look at our four ways to use stripes.

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