4 ways to use stripes in your child’s bedroom

Discover how to use simple stripes for a creative and colourful space that your little one will love.

Whether it’s making a statement with contrasting colours, vertically splitting space for siblings, or simply calming with softer shades – stripes are a versatile and playful way to bring a kid’s room to life.

Read on for a few bright ideas, then watch our quick how-to video for painting simple stripes.

Variety with vertical lines

If your children are sharing a space and have different ideas for the colour they want, use stripes to stylishly divide the room. This will give both siblings a space to call their own.

Which paints?

Sweet Corn   30YY 58/423
Fleur de Lis   79RB 76/076
Bongo Jazz   28YR 29/561

Inspired? See our simple string and chalk technique for creating stripes.

A creative corner

Create a study corner in your child’s bedroom with green stripes
Child’s study with green stripes

Carve out a zone of your child’s bedroom with a bold stripe to create their very own mini craft area. Why not use any leftover to create matching furniture?

A shade of green in a space devoted to creativity can be both energising and refreshing – the perfect setting to develop their artistic flair!

Feel like giving some other shapes a go? Take a look at what you can do with circles and geometric shapes.

Which paints?

Undersea Voyage   10BG 22/248
Fern Green   50GY 39/536
Storytime   95GG 78/054
Fresh Lime   90YY 55/560

All of our paints are available to buy in our washable and tough EasyClean range of paints. With innovative stain repellent technology, it’s perfect for kids’ bedrooms and you can see just how tough it is here!

A reading corner with added drama

Paint a stripe in the corner of your kid’s bedroom to create a reading nook
Striped bedroom corner

Every child loves bedtime stories, so create a snuggly nook for that special time. Select a colour or two that will stand out against your wall. If you’ve got neutral walls, go bright and if you’ve got darker shades, go light. The result? A striking pattern that will add depth and create a perfect spot to curl up together.

Which paints?

Carmine Rose   96RB 22/393
French Stripe Red   10YR 17/465
Gold Strike   20YY 46/425
Snowfield   00NN 72/000

Need some ideas on what colour to choose? Take a look at our quick guide to favourite colours for children’s bedrooms.

A simple stripe

Create a simple stripe on your child’s walls
A simple stripe

Looking to quickly refresh your child’s walls? A single colour band around the room is efficient in both paint and time, and is all it takes to transform a room. Colour matching furniture or other accessories will add extra pops of vibrancy.

From small spaces to working within a budget, see our tips and tricks for creating inspiring children’s bedrooms.

Which paints?

Barton Blue   90BG 38/185
Cosmos   10BB 12/310

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