Paint Combinations to Look For

Paint Combinations to Look For

The feature wall should be such that it can attract all eyes towards it. To make your room look engaging and interesting while keeping its energy functional, taint strokes at the wall can do the work for you. But the complexity may be which textured paint to choose and from where to start. And also, before coming up with few exceptional textured paint ideas, the trick of getting it done like a pro needs to be known. So here is the hack. 

Before applying textured paint to walls, make your wall ready for it. For it, use the sealer paint. Since sealer paint is specially designed undercoat paint which will prevent the topcoat from soaking into premier and will create a water-resistant layer between the topcoat and underneath layers. 

Here some textured paints choices tried by interior experts are represented to convert your focal wall into a work of art. 


If you want to add depth and dimension to the featured wall, the brick pattern is a classic choice. To create a texture on the wall, you need the faux paint of your choice (usually white, brown, and stone grey look amazing) and with the help of a stencil roller, you can get the classic brick look across the wall.  

Mosaic Texture

Placing the tile mosaic on the accent wall give it a playful touch. To create a transcendent tile-like look, use combine techniques like instruments and stencils from floor-to-ceiling and develop patterns like lines, zigzags, waves, checkerboards, swirls, geometric, etc. To give the mosaic texture a unique character, choose your desired pattern and use at least two different hues, maybe purple, blue, black or any shade you love to see on the walls. 


If you want a clean and refined look or Mediterranean or Victorian look, marble texture is a to-do paint choice for you. It looks rich, humble, fabulous, and comfortable at the same time. To get the pattern, the smooshing process is followed after applying a glaze on the wall and putting a plastic sheet on it before the colour dries. Upon removing the sheet, you will get an impressive marble-like pattern on the wall.


To introduce a warm and cozy feel in the room space, velvet touch textured patterns are one of the best choices as they make your room look comfortable, classic, and cozy. To make your room look aesthetically soft, velvety, and beautiful, use fabric in high contrast on the focal wall with the help of sponging technique and light colours on the other walls.

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