Texture Paints

We’ve got some inspiration to help you put together different colours and textures.

If special effect walls are new to you: don’t worry. It’s surprisingly easy to create a room design featuring both colours and textures, with the Dulux Ambiance range. Here’s some quick inspiration to get your creativity flowing.


For a room that oozes relaxation and sophistication, combine a smooth, velvety finish with pastels or calming blues and greens. The Velvet Special Effects Paint by Dulux Ambiance is inspired by the luxurious velvet fabric and comes in over 90 shades to provide plenty of colour choice.

For tropical-style bathrooms that are just perfect for re-charging your batteries, introduce Nadya’s Velvet Silver Quartz paint, with a calming pastel such as Illusive White. Here they’re paired with a stone bath, accents of bamboo and plenty of greenery.   

Be inspired by your last beach resort holiday and recreate the feel at home with Velvet Silver Wave. Combine this colourful velvety blue with white wooden furnishings and trendy pastel striped accessories.


The lustrous effect of metallic will add a sophisticated glamour to your walls. It’s available in four different colours—Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper. The scope here is as wide as your imagination, as Gold comes in three different shades, with Silver in 67. 

Add a golden sparkle to the often-neglected hallway with this rich and warm colour scheme. Metallic Gold Sunlight highlights the staircase and is set off with the deep hues of Artisan Brown RM and the purple tones of Bejewelled—all from the Classic Luxury colour palette. The addition of a copper chair adds an extra metallic glow. 

Update a classic look with some of the splendour of a metallic. Here Metallic Bronze Evening Sun is the main effect, but it’s offset nicely with stripes of Metallic Gold Sunlight, Artisan Brown RM and Bejewelled, also from the Classic Luxury colour collection.


The beauty of stone can add an element of luxury to any room. Now you can achieve that with just a coat of paint, with the Marble Special Effects Paint range by Dulux Ambiance. It’s available in 92 colours so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Create a sophisticated dining room for dinner parties with the Marble Pebble special effects paint—it has the look and feel of real marble! Pair this with metallic accents and dot around some hints of teal. Learn how to create this marble look here.

Make your rooms feel really spacious with the cooling touch of marble paired with one or two brighter paints. Marble Pebble is seen here with Monarch Gold from the Ambiance Collection by Nadya Hutagalung, which are then combined with a creamy Water Chestnut.


The textured warmth of linen is now available in a paint, so you can mimic the natural fabric on your walls. Available in 97 colours, the Linen effect will give your walls a beautiful woven contour for a rustic feel. 

Don’t be afraid to divide your wall in half—it will ensure a really eye-catching contrast. Here the blush Linen Rouge is contrasted with Velvet Silver Wave from the Elegant Romance Collection. The appeal is timeless and romantic, updated for the 21st century with a metallic pendant light. Learn how to create this look here.

Linen is such a classic material that you can really play on his by adding further touches of linen to an area such as your bedroom. Complement Linen Felt Grey from the Dulux Ambiance Classic Luxury palette with soft purples and blues for your bedding and cushions. 


Showcase your individuality with ColourMotion—the latest addition to the Dulux Ambiance range. This special effects paint has a captivating dual colour effect that reveals subtle changes with the light. It will bring your walls to life! 

ColourMotion Orange Copper is a bright, bold colour and should be paired with lots of natural wood and neutral colours for best effect. Here the adjoining wall is in Butterfield, with black trimmings dotted around the space. See how to design with Orange Copper here.

Recreate the fabulous fifties with a wall painted in ColourMotion Flair. For the best effect, paint the other walls in a neutral shade such as Wayside Inn from the Vintage Vibe colour palette. A dark ceiling will make the wall really stand out, as will matching sofas, cushions and 50s-style loungers.

Express your own personality with the textures and colours of Dulux Ambiance. Choose from Linen, Marble, Metallic, Velvet or ColourMotion finishes. #MyFutureWall is a Dulux Ambiance wall.

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