Dulux Ambiance Paint

Personalise your walls with infinite unique combinations of rich colours and special effects of Dulux Ambiance.


Dulux Ambiance is an exclusive range of premium interior and special effects paints to truly personalise your walls.

Dulux Ambiance Premium Interior Wall Paints possess a colour palette of superior quality. These colours of unrivalled depth & intensity reflect your elegance and fine taste.

Dulux Ambiance Special Effects Paints are a selection of featured finishes & textures such as Linen, Marble, Metallic and Velvet. These special effects bring a truly unique sight & touch to your walls.

Ambiance Colour Collections

Dulux Ambiance shines with five new colour collections specially created to personalise your home.

Dulux Ambiance Colour Collections offers the best decoration solution with perfect interior wall paints and sophisticated special effects. You can now easily design inspiring interiors with your personal touch.

Ambiance Product Range

Dulux Ambiance Topcoat & Special Effects Paints give you infinite unique combinations to express your personality.

Dulux Ambiance has the best palette of richest colours, in the finest finishes & textures, to truly personalise your world with perfect results.

Dulux Ambiance Certified Painters

Achieve perfect results with the help of a Dulux Ambiance Certified Painter.

Our Certified Painters will work closely with you to create the truly personalised interiors you desire.

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