Dulux Weathershield double protection

Shield your home with double the protection*

With all that’s uncertain on the outside, here’s how you can make your home a safe haven

Your home is probably one of the biggest investments you have made in life. It is a reflection of who you are, and what you have achieved in life. It’s only natural that you want to protect its beauty and newness for as long as you can. Here are some everyday challenges and the answer to keeping your exterior walls looking fresh for longer.

Dulux Weathershield double protection

Constant Exposure to Humidity Causes Algae & Fungus Growth

While moisture is great for human skin, it isn’t the best companion to your home’s walls. Constant exposure to the natural elements of rain and humidity will inevitably encourage the growth of algae and fungus. Once affected, they may grow rapidly, resulting in unsightly stains and uneven patches on the wall.

Dulux Weathershield double protection

UV Exposure Causes Colour Fading Over Time

While memories build over time in your home, the evidence of years passed does not have to show on the outside. As temperatures continue to rise due to global warming, cumulative exposure to heat and direct exposure to UV rays will take their toll on your home’s exterior. What if there was a way to prevent signs of ageing and discolouration of your walls? What you need is a high quality paint that is resistant to colour fading.

Dulux Weathershield double protection

Alkali Attack Causes White Patches & Damaging Wall Surfaces

Moisture and alkali salts can be trapped within the layers of the wall. Over time, the alkali salts make their way to the wall surface, attacking the paint film from the inside. Alkali salts break through the paint film, damaging the wall surface, leaving the wall with unsightly white patches. An exterior paint done right has the ability to resist alkali attacks from within the wall.

Dulux Weathershield double protection

Dirt and dust in the atmosphere

Urbanisation and high population density have impacted many countries in our region. The rapid rise in the number of vehicles, industrial and commercial activities coupled with poor environmental controls have resulted in an increase of pollutants such as dirt and dust. What you need to prevent such particles from clinging on and marring the beauty of your home is the right premium paint.

Our solution to your concerns comes in the latest Dulux Weathershield® with Dualshield™ Technology – providing you two times the ease of mind. 

2X* Ultimate Protection For Your Home 2X Longer

Dulux Weathershield double protection

Find out more about the advanced technologies behind: 

Your home can now outlast the test of weather and time

Dulux Weathershield double protection

* Protects 2x longer than regular exterior paints

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