Dulux Aquashield

How does Dulux Aquatech Max Work?

Protecting your home with the Ultimate Water Defence

Waterproofing is a process designed to prevent water from entering your home through applying products on concrete structures that form a barrier to prevent water seepage

Dulux Aquatech Max Works by

Dulux Aquatech Max was designed to provide waterproofing protection for horizontal and vertical surfaces. It forms a thick protective watertight layer. It has enhanced crack bridging properties and can bridge cracks up to 2mm.

Effective Waterproofing Made Easy

Dulux Aquatech offers simple application solution to waterproofing work without compromising on quality, durability and protection. It is easy to use so that painters can efficiently complete the waterproofing work with Aquatech Max Waterproofing products. Get waterproofing done right the first time for protection that will last a long time.

Dulux Aquatech Max Waterproofing

A dedicated waterproof coating for roofs. Prevent water seepage with easy 3 coats of application. Durable and with strong elastomeric properties, Dulux Aquatech Max Waterproofing is high quality and durable membrane for roofs and terraces. This tough yet flexible barrier protects against water seepage and provides excellent waterproofing.

HydroResist Technology forms an impenetrable tough film over porous surfaces to bridge cracks, while preventing water seepage, carbonation and fungal attacks.

Other features include Multi-Surface Adhesion for a substrate that binds to various surface materials and Sun-reflect that reduces surface temperature.

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