We understand that decorating is about more than just paint on walls

Painting your house is an expression of who you are, an investment into your home. So when you paint your walls, you want to be sure of a perfect result. Our team of dedicated experts have developed paints with unrivalled formulations that will always deliver the perfect colour with uniform finish and stated coverage every time!

Dulux Promise

Paint that’s as good as promised

We promise our paint will give you the perfect colour with a uniform finish and the coverage stated, or we'll replace it.

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Perfect Colour

We recognise that choosing the perfect colour isn't always easy. Our paint will give you the perfect colour in reference to our latest colour catalogue or fandeck.
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Uniform Finish

When you paint a wall, you want a good finish. Our paints will give you an even uniform finish without patchiness.
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Coverage Stated

You can be confident in the covering power of our paints. Our Paint will give the coverage stated in our product information.

Perfect Colour

The colour of the paint will match the colour as indicated on latest Dulux collaterals such as the fan decks and shade cards, but do note that colour disparity that occurs due to base material (colour may look different in certain materials or surfaces), shape, size and surface lighting are not covered under the programme.

Uniform Finish

Paints purchased will have an even finish with no patchiness once it dries up completely on a well-prepared and clean surface.

Coverage Stated

The corresponding bucket of paint will yield the area coverage as stated in our product label and product data sheet; however, some colours may need more than two coats to achieve the desired opacity.

Process of replacement

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Keep the proof of purchase for Dulux Promise participated products (Maximum 1 month). Photos of painted wall, claim description, product/colour information etc are required during claim submission. Read the terms & conditions for details claim information.
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Contact Dulux by submitting claim thru’ below 3 ways within 1 month from date of purchase, Proof of purchase, wall photos and product/colour information are required for the claim submission.
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After claim registered, a Dulux representative may contact you to verify your submission or request additional information. An e-voucher will be sent to your email once Dulux Promise team has verified your claim successfully.
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Please print out the e-voucher and redeem it for the replacement products at the same retailer outlet you have bought the products. The e-voucher is valid for 3 months upon its issuance date.

Contact AkzoNobel within 1 month of purchase

You can submit your claim in 3 ways:

Watch the step-by-step Dulux Promise Claim Submission Guide

Dulux Promise is applicable for participated products purchased in Malaysia only. Supporting documents will need to be prepared and submitted together to verify your claim for the replacement. After the verification approved, we will issue an e-voucher that can be redeemed at the same retailer outlet you have bought the product(s). In submitting your claim for the replacement to Dulux, you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the Dulux Promise.

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